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    Ok guys I'll try to make this short.

    registed a domain and used vendio as my ecommerce site solution (free) then changed names and solutions so the site is fairly bare except for a link saying "visit us on our new site here"..did a check this morning on serp rankings for the domain and to my surprise it suddenly ranks on the 5th page of google for what I think is a hard KW, you guys tell me if I am wrong.

    8.5 million results when kw is typed into google
    700,000 results intitle
    600,000 in url results
    41,000 exact match searches every month on KW

    I have done little to know SEO on the site for about 2 months, it is NOT an exact or partial match domain, just a generic domain name.

    Has what I consider a bunch of "junk" links from fiver gigs and one gig I bought here for the site. The gigs I bought on fiver were blog comment gigs, edu link gigs and I bought the Linkwheel gig here which is supposedly a no no nowadays.

    What I am thinking of doing is moving the domain to my current host and setting it up as a WP blog to try to optimize it for SEO.

    My question, should I bother? another question, when I move it does the site keep all the BL's and the Page rank?

    What are your thoughts?

    So much for keeping it short, thanks in advance. :)
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    yeah the backlinks are made to the domain name. When you change hosting all you do is change the nameservers at the registrar, so the backlinks will still be pointing to your domain no matter where you move it.

    Should you move the domain and start working on it? Sure why not. Just remember that if you change the content of your site it will affect that ranking. Especially if you don't have a lot of backlinks and the main factors ranking your site are from the page itself. It sounds like you will want to change the site some when you move it, but do your best to keep the seo factors on the pages pretty much the same or you'll probably see the position drop some in the serps.

    Good luck.
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