Edu Monster- Trusted by DA90 TF80 DR80 – 5 Edu Guest Posts For Only $149

I received a free review copy of 2 EDU Monster Guest posts from OP.

Communication with Aim100IM was good and helpful.

OP delivered the Guest posts in a Mediafire link. That's good, because it doesn't leave traces to Google.

What can I say? I am impressed.

The metrics are great, but that's not even what impressed me the most.
DR, DA and TF all played in the same league, here you see DR of the subdomain:


The articles are written in very good English, in the quality of a native writer. You can see that someone has made an effort, or is simply a good writer. It also has subheadings and a related image.

The backlink to my site is naturally placed inside the text-flow, the anchor text is exactly as I specified. The articles also have an internal link and an outgoing link to a related page of an authority site.

The articles were created about a month ago and I already see positive results to some of my keywords:
Two important keywords climbed up from pos. 3 to pos. 2, and they have been staying in place for a few days now, which is fantastic. As a result, I already can see a 10% increase in traffic to my page. Also some less important keywords popped up in the search results from N/A, or moved up. Some of them bring good traffic, too.

This is exactly what you want.

OP's service was top notch. I definitively recommend OP's EDU Monster Guest posts.
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I received a review copy of the Edu Monster guest posts and here are the results:

- I received two links on EDU domains
- DA 93, TF 91, DR 93
- DA 92, TF 89, DR 91
- Both articles were quite long, used my selected backlinks naturally within the text
- Both articles were written in native English, SEO-optimized
- One article used imagery
- Both articles were thematically related
- Supposedly, based on the sellers information, there are also social media votes from 3-4 different social media platforms for every single link they created.

I can highly recommend this service.
thanks, @Aim100IM
I received my 2 review copy
2 articles on .edu websites, quality, and metrics are so high I see

93 91 93
92 82 91

contents are well written and also related images are included.
related anchor text included
articles are indexed in google results.

his services are so high quality and recommended.
Just got my hands on Edu Monster's guest post service, and wow, the results are impressive! Two EDU backlinks with stellar metrics,
DA 93, TF 91, DR 93, and DA 92, TF 89, DR 91. The articles, both lengthy and engaging, seamlessly incorporated my selected backlinks. The content was not only SEO-optimized but also written in impeccable native English.

One article featured captivating imagery, enhancing the overall appeal. Both pieces were thematically aligned, providing a cohesive link-building strategy. The promised social media votes across 3-4 platforms for each link added a valuable boost to the overall impact.

Edu Monster's service goes beyond expectations, delivering a comprehensive and effective solution for anyone seeking top-tier backlinks. Highly recommended!

Engaging content, and bonus social media votes. Top-notch!
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For the review @seoguy99 provided 5 (actually 6) articles with links for us on EDU sites.


  • The content was pretty good. I'd say great but I would have expected great from an EDU site but this was perfectly fine.
  • Done quickly and delivered in a nice excel spread sheet.
  • Communication during the process was very good as well.
  • Order form was very clean - highlighted errors which I liked a lot.

My .02 USD

@seoguy99 did something that I always do when providing links on 3rd party sites and over delivered in terms of quantity as we don't always have control over the sites and one or two may get deleted. He does offer a replacement policy but this was real nice to see as I consider it a must if you are selling links as do some of the others who offer services with whom I interact.

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Hi, would these links be of use for a Shopify site?
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