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Samples Sent!

Hi, interested in samples.
Do you have access to any German websites?

Thanks For Order !

Placed another order

Unique Transaction ID # xxxxxxxxxxxxx7621

Samples Sent!

Hi, interested in samples - particularly any in the Travel or Photography niches.
Please PM


Sounds like it could be a good service, can the OP please send a full list of sites available so i can gauge the relevance to my sites niche ?

Also, it may be a good idea to advertise your future strategy regarding the sites you and your friends are posting clients links on i.e you are walking a fine line if the DA are what you say they are in that you will no doubt be under scrutiny and your posting profile removed if it is suspected you are selling these articles. There have been so many great services ruined by greed and incompetence (not that i am accusing you of this) so how can you convince me that steps are taken to protect my investment if i buy your service ?

Likewise, can you send me the list and more information? I have a number of websites that I could use this with.
Can you pm me any sample to check for quality and also, will articles stick or do they stand the chance of being removed?
Here The Reviews

ok guys and gals... this is the real deal.. excellent. Uncle Bucks seal of approval.
Remember never to use GMAIL for any communication. Skype is better.

Just received my links. Excellent service and fast TAT. I had my link after 24 hours since I placed my order. Thank you.

Though I had many deals with him in the past, I recently bought the links from Site 2, Site 3 and Site 4. He is very nice to talk. As a seller in BHW, I'm telling this is a service that's sure for SOLID links . I came through the list he sent to me... They are all of Highest quality I have ever seen. And the content is (600+ words) very good with a link of mine.

Best service you should try at least once!

More orders coming to you bro...

Ok so I got a list of some of the sites and the ones he sent are legit sites. You would recognize some of the names.

I buy links for these same sites and his prices
might be cheaper than what I'm currently paying.

I got 1 link from the OP to test this service. I must talk about the communication and TAT about this service. He has just finished in 2 Days with well written article. Highly recommended!

Freaking A++++++++
That's all I've got to say.
Fast Delivery and Awesome Service.


Received my report today ... Placed my order two days ago exactly. Link was delivered as specified, too soon to see SERP activity or even see the link indexed but the work was done as expected. Communication with the BST seller was superb, PM's were answered usually within a minute. I plan on purchasing again. Will update this thread when I see movement in the Search Engine Result Pages.

Great links and great communication. No bullshit, any questions answered promptly.

One anchor text link brought the site to the first page of search in the US, what else need I say?

If you understand how to do
SEO these are like magic bullets.

Samples Sent !

Great service
Can you sent me the sample for site $50. Thanks

please pm the full list of samples with pricing , thanks!

Can you pm me any sample to check for quality and also, will articles stick or do they stand the chance of being removed?

Thanks For Order ! :)

Just ordered another article because this service is awesome. Thanks!
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Can you please send the updated list of sites - time to try this out I think!

Fat Dad
Pm Sent !

Can you please send the updated list of sites - time to try this out I think!

Fat Dad

Can you please PM sample links and the URLs for all sites thanks.

Order Confirmed !

Unique Transaction ID 8M04**************630V

Pls Check Ur PM !

I would love to see some samples before ordering please.

Thanks For Order !

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 140********44905Y)
impressive turn around time. Just 3 days on my first order. Just place second. I haven't seen anyone else on BHW with so many connections to high DA/PR sites like these. Fair price. Well written article. i look forward to future business.
This service looks great, just added you on skype, have a few questions, thanks!
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