Editing pin URL in Pinterest?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Feeder, May 16, 2012.

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    Apr 23, 2012
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    I have heaps of Pinterest accounts I post one pin to a day and up until yesterday they were all getting on to their category pages. The way I did it was to upload pictures to my server into a folder named whatever niche I'm targeting, then I'd pin it with the button, then edit the image to point towards the folder index rather than the image source (so I'd just delete image.jpg from the end of the URL).

    Yesterday and today none of my images were showing up in the category page when following that process. As a test I posted pins from several accounts without editing the URL and they all got on the category page. Is this a new tactic from Pinterest or just a coincidence? Anybody else noticed such a phenomenon lately?