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Discussion in 'CPA' started by keyex, Sep 4, 2012.

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    I never understood this entire CPA thing. I've been gathering tons and tons of niches to bring up a few new ecommerce stores, and it works for me, but I just read through a thread of people who are making 900-20,000 a day and apparently not doing too much. That's incredible.

    I'm willing to give this whole CPA thing a try, and I've read all the stickies and a few threads, but I dont get what you guys are doing with these "methods" or whatever. Are you guys just making ebooks with an affiliate link or blogs with affiliate links? I'm not asking for someone to go out of there way to type up a book for me, but being such a huge forum with so many threads, pages, and members, I'm having trouble finding a place to start. It's a lot to take in! Is there a resource that can tell me exactly what's needed to get started in this CPA thing?

    Also, I'm really liking ecommerce, and i'd love to do CPA as a side. Is it full time? I know it takes work to get to over 1k a day, but once you're there is it a lot of constant work, or is it autopilot? I'm clearly 100% clueless.
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    I prefer ecommerce. It is a solid business model and it can bring you steady and solid income in future if you manage to grow it. People always will look to buy physical products on internet. As for CPA, the cpa companies are not very reliable. One day are here the next day are gone. But i know some people are making real good money with cpa. For me personally cpa didn't work very well. So, i guess you have to find what is working best for you.