eCommerce expert for landing page - sales page for single product with 8 color variations

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    Jul 12, 2011
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    I need an eCommerce site set up for a product I am doing a market test on. I need:

    - eCommerce sales/landing page that converts well
    - Dropdown/radio/however-you-want-to-do-it box with color variations for product that tie to buy it now button
    - Checkout with paypal at least, other options would be a bonus

    (a) Basically my main requirement is that when a color option is chosen that the buy it now button is going to create a unique checkout process for that color, linking to that SKU.

    I am only doing a test run of the product, so I'm not looking to spend a ton.

    If you are interested in making this site for me, please reword my main requirement (a) to me in a PM so that I know you understand what I am asking for. Thank you.