⭐ [eBook] Rank & Earn Money on Autopilot with High-Revenue Mobile Apps & Games ⏩ Create AdMob & Developer Accounts ✅ No Coding Required ❌


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Mar 22, 2013
Ultimate Guide on How to Rank and Earn Money with Free iOS & Android Games and Apps within 4 Weeks. No Coding Required.

This eBook filled with strategies and step-by-step methods is going to explain how I made more than $100k from apps and games within 3 years. Currently earning a passive income of $100-150 per day on autopilot. The goal is to not only save you a lot of time and money but also to help you make money on autopilot. The techniques, tips, and tricks outlined in this eBook will also help you to create AdMob and Google Play Developer accounts. Minimizing the risk of getting terminated, which could possibly save you thousands of dollars.

⚡What you can expect from the eBook:

- Maximize your apps & games revenue
- You don’t need coding skills
- Rank your app on Google Play and Apple App Store
- Find a niche & market research
- Create Google Play Developer and AdMob Accounts
- Avoiding AdMob limits
- Dos and don’ts of game reskinning
- How to deal with shadow bans
- Learn from my mistakes, avoid bans and account terminations
- much more!


I got hundreds of thousands of ORGANIC installs for iOS and Android, and I will show you how I did it! I started in 2020 with ZERO knowledge or coding skills. By now, I built a real and legit app business. If I can do it, you can do it too.


After reading this eBook, there won’t be any more excuses. It gives you full insights into what you need to do to succeed in the app industry.

In almost 100 pages of this eBook, I cover the following topics:

  • How to create Google AdMob accounts
  • How to create multiple Google Play Developer accounts
  • Warming up AdMob and Google Play Developer accounts
  • How to avoid getting banned/terminated
  • How to avoid getting your Android app suspended
  • Avoid AdMob Limits
  • Mediation to earn more money
  • Perfect Ad Networks
  • How to rank on Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • What apps work perfect on each platform
  • How to find a niche
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to make high-revenue apps
  • Reskinning and improving games
  • How to get and make high-quality apps without coding skills
  • How to monetize games and apps in the perfect way
  • Full ASO Guide
  • How to get app reviews & ratings
  • Strategy to rank your apps and games
  • How to analyze your apps and games
…and many other topics which are going to help you to earn money on autopilot.

That’s not all. I included some bonuses, which are going to save you a lot of time and money.

⭐ Bonuses ⭐

- How to use ChatGPT for apps and games​
- How to use your app for SEO and improve your website rankings​
- Stats of other App Stores: Huawei AppGallery, Amazon, Samsung​
- Mobile apps in China​
- How to build a community and get installs​
- How to make your WebView app look like a native app​


How much money do I need to invest?

It depends on your niche and your overall strategy. If you find a great niche, you don’t need to invest any money to rank your app. In a high-competitive market, you will need to invest money.

How long does it take to see results?

This depends on your niche, the platform, and your effort. It can take a couple of days or also a couple of weeks. The eBook will teach you all possible methods and ways how to earn as much money as fast as possible.

How much money can I earn with apps and games?

There is no limit. You can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per day, but it can also be possible you will only earn a few dollars per day. As I said, it depends on you. With this eBook, I show you the methods and techniques, but you have to use them by yourself.

Do you teach how to rank on Google Play and Apple App Store?

Yes, this eBook will explain how to rank on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Why is the price of this eBook so high?

In consideration of what information, secrets, and methods I give away in almost 100 pages, the price is actually low. Right now, I invested around 2-3 months to write this eBook. I didn’t count how many hours I spent writing. The only reason I haven’t published an eBook on mobile games and apps yet was that I always struggled to find a fair price. It is really difficult to put a price tag on the information I give away. On one hand, I don't want to charge too much money. On the other hand, the methods are going to earn you a lot more money than $159 if you do it right.

Why will you increase the price after 30 sales?

I don't want the information, secrets, methods, etc. to become common knowledge. I am also in the app business and I am basically creating my own competitors by giving away all my methods and secrets.

Can you guarantee any results?

In this eBook, I outline all the strategies and methods that worked for me. Using these methods I ranked and banked with apps and got at least 600k+ app installs on iOS alone. In the end, it depends on you how you use the information. I can only show you the way. It might be possible you end up earning much more money than me. Read the eBook and take action.


Price: $159,99*

*The price will increase to $199,99 after 30 sales due to the competitive nature of this industry and the methods, techniques, and information given.

Discount: To get $30 OFF reply with "I want to rank and earn money"

Payment Methods:
  • PayPal
  • Crypto*
  • Credit Card
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
*After paying with Crypto, please send me a PM and allow me 6-24 hours to confirm the purchase and send you the eBook manually. When paying with PayPal or CC, you will immediately receive the eBook.

VAT & fees might apply.


Refund Policy:
No refund once you received the eBook.
Contact: Via PM on BHW or [email protected]
Disclaimer: The eBook is for personal use only. Do not share, copy or distribute in any form or mean. All rights reserved.
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Looks great! is there review copy + Please send discount if you are not offering review copy
I'm intrigued, been following your journey for a long time and the amount of tips in your thread alone is insane.
Hit me up with a discount mayne.
If there is a review copy available, i'd like to be in, if not please send me a discount.

I received a review copy before the book was released. The eBook itself is a hundred pages long, which took me some time to read. It covers everything from creating AdMob and Google Play developer accounts, where to find and create apps or games, to ranking on Google Play and the Apple App Store. There is really all kinds of information in there. For example, it explains how Google spies on us, how to avoid footprints, all sorts of things. From apps, accounts, ranking apps, stats, ad networks, mediation, push notifications, tools and so on. It is like a complete guide.

There are a few things I really liked and found helpful:
  • He included some sites where you can find really cheap app templates (which will definitely save you more money than you spent on this eBook).
  • Especially a method (a bonus) to find a profitable niche in just a few minutes, which I had never thought of before, surprised me a lot.
  • Easy to understand and follow.
  • There's no copy and paste, it's natural and hand-written.
If you read this eBook (and just take the sites he shares) it will not only save you money by avoiding mistakes or terminations, it will also save you money on getting app templates and spending on research tools. He also explains his own step-by-step method for ranking apps.

Would I recommend the ebook at this price? Yes, I would. There is so much information in it. Lots of bonuses. Definitely worth the price if you ask me.
I would like to get a review copy if it's still available.

If none left, send me a big discount because I want to rank and earn money with your method.
My Review:

I received a review copy from the OP and I must say: I'm AMAZED ! I have never seen such detailed guide from A to Z, nakamura has covered everything, literally everything you need to jump into this business model, and what i liked more is that there is no fluffy content, trying to fill the gaps or something, it's a straight to point talk, a summarize of years of testing and failling, and for anyone who is interested in starting this like me it's a goldmine, because if you'd look into guides and how's to online, they are just a rehash of google's own tutorials, it's kind of an enclosed business, where it's rare to find someone talking about his own experience.

I've been myself thinking about doing this & mentionned it here in BHW, but what was holding me is the damn continuous bans from Google & guess what ? the OP has dediated 40 pages to this, which is gonna save anyone hundreds of dollars on testing materials : VPNs, proxies, RDPs ... , and this alone worth thousands to share.

You want to jump in the train with us ? give it no more thoughts, this is for you.
P.S : I really hope the OP move this to the JV section :D !
I bought the guide yesterday and just finished reading it and overall I'm impressed.

The reason why I think this is the best guide I've seen on BHW is that it's not full of typos and half of the pages are not full of useless full-page images, but instead full of well-written text and useful info.

I think it's important to note that quite a few tips from this guide can also be found from Nakamuras amazing journey thread here on BHW, so go read that first if you're unsure how well he knows his stuff.

Around 30-40 of the 100 pages explain how to deal with bans and making new accounts without footprints which is surely useful for many newcomers but I think that section could easily be shortened to half of it.

A big part of the guide is explaining how to do keyword research (and why you shouldn't focus on it too much) and figure out what kind of apps are currently ranking high on the stores alongside many websites and tools that will help you with that.

There's also tons of great tips about what makes a great app/game and how you should monetize them, utilizing analytics and advertising your apps within your other apps. A lot of the tips are self eplanatory, but it's nice to have them all in one place so you don't end up overlooking something important.

As for the advertised 'No-coding needed' claim, I think you should take it with a grain of salt. The guide explains in-depth where and how to find cheap source-codes which are technically ready to go, but if you really want to update and modify those yourself so they're not duplicates of other peoples apps who have the same source code, you must be ready to dive into a bit of coding as well to be able to freshen them up and add your own features to them (unless you are willing to pay others to do this for you every time, which is going to be really expensive in the long run.)

I think my favorite part about the guide was the detailed guide on when, where and how to get installs, reviews and other necessary boosts for ASO as well as optimizing the descriptions and even backlinks. (This will cost money and is a big factor in ranking your apps! Of course you can skip this part but then you are at the mercy of great niche selection or pure luck)

All in all,

This is definitely the highest quality Ebook I've come accross on BHW and I've bought quite a few and it's refreshing to read a guide that is written by a fluent English speaker. You will find tons of gold nuggets and tips no matter if you're starting out or already have an app or two out there.

Would I be happy to pay $200 for it? Only if I didn't know anything about app development prior to this guide.
Would I be happy to pay $100 for it? Definitely, any day of the week!
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