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    Hello, I have a website on a similar to "how to get rid of fungus". I get about 200 hits/day and I am thinking of writing an ebook and selling it on the site. But I have some questions for you:
    1) If I want to sell a book for 6.99 how many pages should it have to look fine to customer?
    2) How much does it cost to oder such book to be written?
    3) Could you please give me some examples of a great looking landing page which would be on-site SEO friendly?
    4) How much sales should a quality looking sales page and a problem like fungus could generate per 1000 his?

    Thanks for your opinion and have a nice day/night :)
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    Hellooo, to answer your questions:

    1. The pages don't matter. What matters is your content. If I pay $7 for a ebook that's 2 pages but solves my problem then I don't care. Your ebook can be as long or as short as you like, it's up to you to determine how much content you want to cover. Just remember why someone is buying your ebook. They're buying it because it will solve a problem not because they expect a certain amount of pages.
    2. Having an ebook ghostwritten depends on the writer. If you need a cheap solution try going to a freelance website like elance, you can find a good writer for a low price. But don't just settle for the lowest price you can find. You want someone fluent in what ever language you wish the book to be written in, this ensures they won't throw in any confusing terms that your audience isn't used to.
    3. There are a bunch of landing pages everywhere. Just go to the downloads section and check out one of the threads there. A link to a landing page is almost always included.
    4. I personally have never looked into the area of fungus but do the right marketing and your conversions should be good. But just to let you know conversions are on average only 1% - 5% of total hits.

    Hope this helped!
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