Ebayisajoke - Ebay Critic Says Hello To BHW

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    Hello everyone, I am Ebayisajoke. I am an Ebay/PayPal critic. You can say I hate them with a passion for what they do to sellers which are the customers of eBay. I am an advocate for good honest sellers that get terminated from eBay for no reason. I post articles about eBay and PayPal on my blogs and my slogan is, "I don't lay down for anyone, and I'm not going away". eBay has tried to run me off of various social media sites like YouTube with their Lithium shills and sock puppets for over two years. Just search the keyword "Ebayisajoke" on YT and you will find some of my videos. I believe in eBay stealth and I believe people have a right to sell and not be sold.