Ebay US account and my local country Ebay account difference??

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by dinz, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Need to do some research before selling with ebay .. thanks for those that answer..
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    Theres a different trust rating system. An account in Thailand will have problems with products showing up on the search directory until an ample amount of trust and positive transactions have been built. Less trust is needed for U.S. and U.K. sellers. This is really niche specific as well. As a Chinese seller, I might list up 300 different handbags that have either good quality or a cool novelty (such as a handbag that looks like Pikachus head or a Rubix Cube) but still listed in the handbag section. From China on a new account, very few of these handbags will sell. This is not due to competition, this is due to the exposure to the item. Once I exported all of the bags to the U.S., I listed them all up within 24 hours and then within a week, after pushing sales, 60% of the handbag inventory has been sold. Stuff like golf clubs wont get exposure for obvious reasons, but items like a bulk amount of tees, or legitimate golf balls, won't get exposure either.

    You pretty much want to be either in the U.S, Australia, U.K., and Canada. Everywhere else it will be slightly harder for you.