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Ebay plan and several questions, any tips if slim profits are worth difficult traffic?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Ignorant, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Ignorant

    Ignorant Registered Member

    Jun 22, 2015
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    Hey guys, I have made nothing on Ebay, and have some experience. I do have an aged Ebay account if anyone is interested in the info send me a message. I am writing my plan and am wondering on whether or not this plan would work if I were to find the right drop shipper. Is the markets in Ebay still decent to make profits per month? Is drop shipping using affiliate links to online products or creating online Ebooks at a disadvantage to those with market info? Thanks to whoever can help answer or list old posts that work.

    Here's the plan so far

    Step one

    1) Get an Ebay account.
    Make a stealth for different countries depending on where you're at
    Either use a debit/credit card, use an old Ebay account, make a completely new account under different names.
    Use a current phone number, purchase a phone/sim or get a virtual online number. This will cost about $25-$150 depending on budget.

    Step 2

    Continue reading guides on how to make stealth Ebay ebooks so I can figure out a way to put them to use later on. Before this, I will need to decide based on further reading whether or not I will use the method of dropping shipping.

    Do you guys have any advice on whether it is worth it to start a business around Ebay with low start up costs? I am stuck and this is what I am thinking.

    Step 3

    Spend a day or couple weeks to test out different drop shippers. I will also be needing to find a product that is popular at this time before finding a drop shipper with the right product. Can the product be tweaked and created as an individual product? Send me a message if you know anything about drop shippers or can point me to the right keyword search. I will need to narrow my product into a niche, and decide what I will be selling depending on what product a drop shipper has. Where can I find reliable drop shippers that have low return rates?

    Step 6.

    Make a Wordpress site/blogger/any form of medium to post all the products I have picked. Sign up for an Ebay affiliate program and link all the products with affiliate links. Spend money on traffic, or find ways to get free traffic through organic ways. Seems like the problem would be the amount of money towards traffic. Organic ways would be to gather a pile of posts and place them on social media that have traffic already. Or top blogs.


    Consumers will be searching their computers at night and if there is a lot of direct traffic, hopefully people click on the links which will send them to Ebay. If they purchase, I will make profit.

    Another idea is this: Not sure if these work.
    I contact a reliable drop shipper and we agree on a range of products. On my Ebay account or several, I will post them as my own. Using an affiliate link, if a consumer purchases an item from me, I will purchase my "own" item using my affiliate link, cash in the rebate and sell it to the buyer for some more profit.
    I get a discounted item to sell + affiliate bonuses by partnering with Ebay. I could also list items virtually by using tools to search items that sell for much more from different online retailers. Is retail items a good deal or is it still profitable in 2016 to post Ebooks/kindle books on Ebay?

    Any helpful thoughts or guides is much appreciated!
  2. conman3030

    conman3030 Newbie

    May 25, 2012
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    There isn't much money in drop shipping, unless you are able to find a unique item that hasn't really hit Ebay auctions yet.

    Not only is the competition extremely high when it comes to popular drop shipping items, is you also have to find a drop shipper within the country, not from China which many people think will work.

    If you are selling and making it seem like the item will be shipping from the USA, and it takes 3-4 weeks to ship from China, you will have some very upset customers and your ebay account won't last very long.