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Ebay Marekting Opportunity/Strategy Needs Suggestions/Feedback and a Fresh Set of Eyes

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by chris23892, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. chris23892

    chris23892 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Systems engineer and Social Media system designer
    Sorry this strategy is long. I researched many threads on here.

    Members have repeatedly advised posters to please include details. I can read and comprehend. I hear you!!

    In order to get added value feedback from the group, I need to get down and dirty in the strategy details.
    The group can?t help me if we are spending two weeks going back and forth with questions.

    I?m a Herbalife distributor. I get the product at 50% off and flip it. I?m not looking for a joint Store venture here. I?m thinking much bigger.
    Yeah, bash Herbalife and their cursed MLM business model all you want it. I do on an hourly basis sometimes.
    Here?s some curious 20K foot Data/Observations from two years? worth of planning, testing and working some business cases:

    • Using the business plan Herbalife sets out, if I follow it, 99.999878% bail as soon as I mention Herbalife. Yep, they just want to have fun. This is a business, run the damn thing like one. I?m being very sarcastic. But seriously, people run if you just mention Herbalife.
    • Two years of research found a HUGE demand for this product on EBay and Amazon. Go see for yourself. Look at the sellers, see what volume they are doing, the prices they are selling and feedback they?ve built.
    • Conclusion: People Hate on the concept of Herbalife, but they want the product
    That being said, I?m providing a 100% legal gateway to give the masses what they want. My motto, ?Just give me my Herbalife and go away?

    Why I Can?t Execute This Myself or Want To
    I had a store a few years ago and am not eligible to open another one or I?d be doing this. I?m locked at a selling limit of $5,000 or 100 items. Yes, I know. I was stupid and opened another account.
    I?ve maxed this out three month in a row. VERY frustrating since I?ve owned store(s) in the past and can?t open a store or get higher limits (was denied because I had several accounts over the past 10 years).
    Also, I just don?t want to manage a store. This business arrangement/strategy is just a tool in my marketing toolbox. I have several other avenues to manage. Opportunity is here and I want to profit on this one and allow someone else to profit as well.

    Business Model Details/Strategy

    • You must have a EBay Store or Amazon store (both is preferred for max profit, exposure and product Volume)
    • Must be willing to either create a store or leverage your current store to focus on nutritional products. Preferably, this would be optimal for one who is on the struggle bus with their store(s) because the product they were selling is saturated in the market or they just don?t have a supplier to fund the fund the store(s)
    • YOU keep ALL the profits from ALL the sales!!
    I did not stutter. My strategy calls out that the store owner keeps ALL profit.

    How Store Owners keep ALL the Profit
    There are two ways to go about this. Both require investment and both requite the store owner to become an Authorized Herbalife Distributor (how else are they going to order product)
    Option one is far less investment, but the Percent off wholesale is low. Your price listed on EBay/amazon would not be competitive. I see sellers making this work, but there are others that are low-balling the price and moving the product much faster.
    Option 2 requires a pretty substantial investment. This investment will allow you a much higher Percent off wholesale, thus allowing you to be more competitive and provides more wiggle room with your prices. This is where the power players are living on EBay/amazon.

    Details of Option 1

    • First, one must get into the Herbalife system by registering as a new customer. This process is free.
    • Once registered, one can now see prices and order.
    • The store owner would purchase the International Business Package (the small one) for $80.00
    • This Option would allow the Store owner to purchase direct at a 25% discount off wholesale.
    Not the best Option, but one could do it.

    Details of Option 2

    • Same process as above
    • In order to get to a 50% discount, one has to accomplish a set Volume point of sales in a one month period
    • To accomplish this, one would have to order $4,000 in product (Yes, this option is an investment)
    • The Store owner would now be able to get the product at the 50% discount
    Why is Option 2 the Best Option?

    • Ebay/Amazon is VERY PICKY that we use a REAL picture for listings. Listing will be pulled ASAP if you jack a web photo
    • I have a list of the to 10% products from the Herbalife catalog that sell in 10 days or less
    • The investment in the $4,000 of product would be detailed based on this research (two years? worth)
    • The Store owner would, ?Flip? the ordered product. Low ball the product at 43% off so you make enough profit to cover shipping and fees. This low ball price is significantly lower the 95% of the Sellers on Ebay/Amazon- Hence the products FLY
    • All products listed from the investment can be flipped in 10 day auctions
    • After the Store owner flips their investment, they can now list all 70+ Herbalife products in their store at 30%- 40% discount and the Store Owner pockets the Profit.

    How Do I Benefit from this Arrangement?
    Yes, Herbalife is a MLM Marketing Business Model. This is not a bad thing if you know how to work the strategy and understand how this business model works.
    MLM should have died in the mid 80?s. BUT one that is crafty can benefit. Let?s apply some MLM logic for this business arrangement?

    • The Store Owner is signed up UNDER ME
    • This means that whatever the volume the store owner gets/Sales they get I get a % royalty check each month from Herbalife
    • Since I?m getting a royalty check each moth, I have no need to ?Dip? into the store owner?s profit.
    • The Store owner gets to pocket the Profit, I get a Royalty check

    Product Volume Details: How Does a Store Owner Physically Process the Sales?

    I?ve been beta testing this model for months now. Here?s what I do and what a Store owner would (because the Store owner is an authorized distributor now)

    • When a product is sold, the buyer pays through PayPal
    • I have a PayPal Debit Card!!
    • I log into Herbalife
    • I place the order through Herbalife using the PayPal shipper address provided by the sale
    • I use my CC from my PayPal Debit card AFTER the buyer has paid
    This method allows a sale to be purchased DIRECT from Herbalife, shipped DIRECT from the Factory and I never have to see the product.
    The process takes 2 minutes per sale and the customer gets their order dropped shipped fresh right to their door.

    How I Support Team members under me and would support a Store Owner: Marketing Strategy

    I run 47 Twitter accounts and leverage all major form of SM. These accounts drive targeted traffic to EBay/Amazon stores. I pimp out these accounts to help business owners develop their SM image and assist in targeted lead generation. 5 Years I spent network building on:

    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Pinterst
    • Stumbleupon
    I observed very quickly the massive power/opportunity of networking. This ?Machine? would be 100% focused on support a store owner for the purpose of driving targeted leads to their store.

    Apples to apples, if I look at a Herbalife listing on EBay of a random seller, they may have 200 visitors in a 10 day period.
    My auctions leveraging my SM networks average 10K visitors in a 10 day period.
    This is one of my auctions:
    Listed 9.22.13. three items already sold at $129.99
    Listing info
    Page views: 2665
    Duration: 30 days
    Start time: Sep 22, 2013 19:07:51 PDT

    This month on EBay I?ve accomplished over $800 in sales with only 4 products listed. Slow month because I?m Team building as a Herbalife Distributor so I DON?T have to work a EBay auction listing.
    So there you have it. I?ve done my homework as best I could:

    • Detailed Network building over 5 years yielding a SM reach of 20 million people
    • Detailed Marketing analysis of demand for the product- Oh yes, people want Herbalife. They don?t want the heartburn of harassment that comes with it
    • Detailed case studies and business case execution- I became a distributor and came in at 50%. The strategies above I worked step by step, monitored the outcome and adjusted my methodology based on the outcome
    • Streamlined my marketing strategy to support Core Team members- I have 4 Team members under me in Herbalife. This is a business. I am a manager. I run this like a big boy business, not the way Herbalife tells me too. Let them jump up and down like fools, clap their hands and be all warm and fuzzy with dreams and empty promises. Let them have fun, I?ll make the profit and sales.
    • Proof of concept was done by ME. I took the initial risk on every step to see if this works and adjusted to maximize and work through unforeseen challenges

    I?ve invested much time, energy and research in this. As an Engineer/Project manager by trade, we call this, ?Project Blindness?, meaning you?ve looked at something so long there?s a chance you?ve missed something obvious.
    This is my goal here in this thread. I?d like the group to:

    • Critique, dissect, analyze and slam this strategy-I?m a big boy. What did I miss?
    • What suggestions does the Group have on fine tuning? What challenges do YOU see that I?m missing?
    • Are there any pitfalls I?m missing because I just don?t know about them? I?ve done this on a small scale. What are the pitfalls of doing this balls out on EBay/Amazon with a dedicated store owner as a Core Team member under me?

    Don?t hold back. I have thick skin and know if the group has suggestions, it?s probably well founded!!
    Your comments and suggestions will go to good use in my business plan.

    Thanks and again, sorry for the 20 page dissertation on this business strategy.
    PM me, post publically or Skype me at bones23892
  2. chris23892

    chris23892 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Systems engineer and Social Media system designer
    Again...read this over and Skype me bones23892
    come on, don't dance around the issue when skyping
    Lost two contact because they tried to play me.

    Holidays are coming up, the time is now for mad sales, PPL. I need a Team member under me to get this rolling!!
  3. chris23892

    chris23892 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Systems engineer and Social Media system designer
    So, from the conversations on Skype, here are some common Q/A
    1.) No. I don't want to run a eBay store.
    2.) I want a Team member to manage the EBay/amazon store. More profit in it for all
    3.) To turn over the over the 4K in ASAP : flip it for $$ in your store. Price it JUST to cover listing and fees. MAKE NO PROFIT. Sell it all and undercut 100% of ALL competition.
    4.) Strategy behind above: If you have an auction with 50 watchers, only ONE can win. Probability says 5 are going to want the product (and you can provide them with this at 15-20% profit).
    5.) NO will not get the Herba-Smack down. I know what to put in the stores/auctions to keep these people away.
    6.) No. I do not want to run an eBay store. Really. I used my account for a great test, but it's time for someone to take this and run with it.
    7.) YES! I support and manage ALL marketing with my SM network for one goal: YOU GET TRAFFIC AND SALES

    Again, yes, this is MLM. With Teeth.
    My goal(s) is simple:
    You come in under me and I use my skills. You manage the Ebay and Amazon stores. I assist in the listings, how to list. Show you exactly how to move these products and manage them. You take over eBay/amazon. I develop and strategize my next adventure.

    Someone needs to hurry. The holiday opportunity is getting to the drop deal date on when we can get this into full swing. The Holiday opportunity is already shrinking by the day.

    Let's do this!!
  4. chris23892

    chris23892 Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    Systems engineer and Social Media system designer
    Sorry guys, ya missed the boat. Got someone to manage the USA and Europe market with this.