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    I have an idea i'm going to try and I only did one part of it back in 2003 which works fantastic on any auction site.Everybody is always looking for something for nothing and you can cash in on there stupidity.It is selling info on a auction site to where people can score wholesale products through a wide variety of wholesale companys.People love this.So lets get right to it.

    Laptops,plasmas,Iphones and PS3's are your top dogs you want to focus on...So keep this in mind.

    1 - Set up a blog or one of your sites so that the only call to action is for your viewer to leave there email address.You want this blog or site to be a confirm order site.

    2- You will have to drop a few bucks to obtain the plasma tv wholesale list.....Just go to ebay and type in wholesale list and it will be all about electronics so get the cheapest one.Or compile your own list if you have the resources.

    3 - Search on Ebay for the wholesale list and copy it to a file and use a good article rewriter to redo it.MAKE SURE SOMEWHERE IN YOUR POST YOU MENTION THIS IS INFO ONLY.You will get a good idea how its writen from a ebay copy....You will be sending them a CD via US mail.....I saw a good rewriter on here somewhere.Redo it and make it to fit your payment needs and make sure in your listing to mention that all orders need to be confirmed for accuracy.Thats where your blog you made comes into play.The buyer will leave his email at your blog and you need to make no more action afterwards.

    So.....Heres what we achieve with this method..

    We make money from ebay for selling information to crazed electronic gagit junkies.

    We get unique traffic to our site.

    And we also build a free opt in email list.....Which you can keep for yourself,Or sell for more money.

    Thats it....Please give thanks.....I'm thinking of making a more detailed ebook of this with alot more tips....I'll keep you guys informed.
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    Mods.....Can you delete this thread......It belongs in making money so i'm reposting it there.....Thax.
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