Ebay cancelled my listings and can't increase my selling limit

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by onbie, May 14, 2013.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Recently, I started selling link building services on Ebay. I got some orders too and positive feedback :) I decided to ask for raising my selling limit because I already sold 7(out of 10) of them. Ebay staff asked me to send some documents to verify my account and today I got 2 emails from them:

    First email: They cancelled all of my listings :( They told me that Website traffic-driving services, search placement services, and banner ad services are prohibited on Ebay. Here is the link:


    Second email: They are asking me to submit the following docs to reconsider my selling limit increase request:
    - Receipts or invoices for the tangible goods you would like to list on eBay. (Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept photos of the items to fulfill this requirement.)

    There are so many sellers selling SEO/link building services on Ebay. I have no idea how they passed the radar. I have recently started selling on Ebay. So, I have no experience on how to tackle these problems. That's why I came here to ask you experts for advice :) Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Me as well, I find items that are already selling and try to slip into the momentem but I seem to get slammed down. How do others sell the exact same thing but just keep rolling in the dough!? I am a newb for sure, I guess I should not assume that just because others are doing it a new account can.
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    Best option to go is having multiple accounts running on the side. Could also be competitors reporting you. I have had many accounts shut down and left with negative feedback due to competitors.
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    I've been selling virtual stuff on ebay for the past year, let me give this piece of advice.

    As you won't be able to contact ebay for anything, you will be breaking ebay's TOS from ground to the sky, so ALWAYS stay off the radar and you will be safe.

    To increase your selling limits, you just have to keep getting to the limit for the next 3 months, and you will start getting an increase in the limits gradually. Never again contact them or they will ban your account.
    Only a bunch of people know this, but there is process where ebay check your "performance", between positive feedbacks and quantity of sales. If you sell 10 items each month for the next 3 months, ebay will increase the limits to 20, then 30, then 40, and so on and so forth.

    Just keep yourself off the radar, keep selling and you will be growing stronger each month. You can use several accounts to sell more of course, it's up to you. Just try to be as legal as possible or you will waste months of hard work to make a strong ebay account.

    Hope it helps :)