Ebay, Adsense, and Amzon?


May 11, 2010
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If I have a website, am I able to have all three Ebay and Amazon widgets as well as Adsense on my website without getting in trouble with any of the companies?
In other words, is there anything in any of their TOS that says I can't?
Lastly, would you recommend it?

I was thinking of having content, inserting an Amazon or Ebay widget in between the content, and having an adsense block on one sidebar and another widget on the other sidebar.
from everything i've read you are fine to have the three on your site.. I'd only use Adsense and Amazon though, they pay and convert better than ebay.
Nothing wrong with approach and yes adsense and amazon are better then ebay so why divert your traffic with ebay option unless you getting better return over there...
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