eBay account suspended indefinitely, making new account under siblings name and address

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by replytomyq, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Hi, my first ebay account was under my dads name but one of the buying post to addresses was under my name (same address as main the registered one as I'm living with my parents as i'm still in education), I made another account under my name and dads busines address (didn't want my home address under the business account details) the first account seller ratings were low due to 'slow dispatch time' which is BS, the 1st account was suspended indefinitely now the second is too although the second one had really good seller ratings.

    If I make another account it'll be under my sisters name and her university address but her paypal address is the same (home) address as my first account, will eBay pick up on this? I will clear my cookies on the computer , make a new user and change my IP address.

    I need to sell quite a bit of stuff on eBay to make some money so a quick reply is great.

    Any alternative solutions please comment :)
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    That would be plain stupid to use someone else's real name. If you use her information in any way and they link it to your account her account will be banned within hours. Buy an account already made if you have to but using her name and information would be a stupid move on your part.
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    Really. So far you've gotten yourself and your dad's names banned. What makes you think you'll do any better with your sister's?? Leave her name out of it and let her use her OWN name for her OWN ebay acct later on. Stop piggy-backing on your family's names and go buy accounts or buy IDs and go stealth.