Eat Healthy To Build Muscle?

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    I saw a thread a while back about someone building muscle while eating healthy and wanted to know more. Iv'e read and read and everywhere says eat tons of calories. If the person who made that thread before could reply with the amount of calories he was eating a day?
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    Calories is not the most important.

    Especially proteins will help you to build your muscle .

    But sacharids are also important beacuse of energy .

    Asking questions about bodybuilding on IM forum is not the best way :)

    But eat lot , train hard , sleep enough and enjoy life and you will see results :)
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    To build clean and healthy muscle you need a good source of protein and a clean carbohydrate source.

    So sweet potato, brown rice etc for your carbs
    And lean meats, fish, poultry for your protein.
    Also have a good supply of vegetables and drink plenty of water.

    That's the basics, if I have time I'll post a more detailed post :)
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    The way i built a lot of muscle mass in a couple months was mainly eating chicken breast, tuna, potatoes, cottage cheese and alot of greens.

    Don't be fooled by people saying you have to have a meal every 3-4 hours theres soo many scientific research that disproves this! (as long as you meet your tdee you should be fine)

    Remember also lift heavier weights with low reps!

    Sorry for limited info don't want to go to overboard lol
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    if you wanna cheat & go the fast route to building muscle, look into some prohormone cycles. im no doctor tho so dont take my advise, i just happen to have been always healthy & never much of a drinker, so my liver and body can handle these kinds of things. Also stay away from kre-alkalyn creatine capsules, they're known for causing cancer.

    And as far as diet, you just need to get enough protein in and cals based on your weight, so if you weigh 130lbs for example, you'd need at least a good 80 grams of protein a day to see gains.
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    Just my 2 cents on what was left out by the above brothers, all body builders and scientists agreed that you will need 2 grams of protein per each kilo of your own body weight. so if you weigh 100 kg you should consume 200 grams of protein a day + your daily dose of carbs and veg. carbs should only be from clean sources ( brown rice,brown bread,sweet potatos, porrige etc...).
    you will need to do a small calculation on your daily calories intake and make sure you are eating enough to grow and maintain that growth and exercising enough to grow and burn any excess calories.
    when you try to grow muscle its only natural that you are going to get some fat aswell but then thats up to your exercising plan to either burn that fat or keep it ( bulking and cutting cycles).
    i have a good diet plan that i purchased a couple of years ago i'll digg it out and upload it up for you so you can see what its like.

    Edit: i found the ebook and here is the link:
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    Steroids, iron and more steroids.

    It's like building multi frigging tiered back links and being able to auto index them all instantly!

    I'm joking.

    Tuna, Turkey/Chicken and eggs as your protein sources. = this builds muscle tissue

    Pasta, brown rice, green leafy veggies. = this provides energy to break your muscle tissue (exercise)

    Eating 6-8 'small meals' a day. (600-800 calories per meal)

    It's quite rare to have a body type that lets you gain pure muscle and no fat ratio, but if your a lucky little wanker then all you need to do is munch and start lifting some weights, regularly.

    For most of us, we'd lift solely for a few months still maintaining a good diet but obviously increasing calories.

    Then hit the cardio for a month or two, not to overdo it but simply shed a couple of pounds of fat.

    Or you could just use SeMuscle xCr it provides so much link juice, you spend two days a week juicing and one day farting.
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    Dbol , sustanon and deca ,always is a good route:]
    If you're a ectomorph you have to eat all day.