[Easy] What is shadowban | how to check if you are shadowbanned?

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    Hi Folks - this post is more aimed at people who are new to IG Game like myself.
    Sharing so far what i know about this as well as some options on how to "potentially" lift it
    If you have any suggestions please let me know - always good to hear input from more experienced members.

    What is Shadowban?
    Firstly, if you haven’t heard of it yet, an Instagram Shadowban is when your hashtags become ‘un-discoverable’.You can use your hashtags, however you’ll only show up in hashtag feeds of your

    current followers. This means that your images won’t show up in hashtag feeds of anyone who DOESN’T follow you, obviously reducing the reach of your account and making it much harder to reach a new audience. When you will open instagram and check it will seem to you that your post is actually posted there - while in fact its actually hidden.

    How to check easy if you are SB ?

    The easiest way to find out if you’ve been hit is to post a picture then ask a friend to un-follow you (or someone who doesn’t follow you already), and check the hashtag feed to see if your picture shows up.
    You can also use your other account ...
    If it’s not showing up in the gallery of images – then there could be a chance you have been shadow banned.

    You can also use this link to check if you are SB shadowban dot azurewebsites dot net

    What would cause an Instagram Shadowban?

    1. Using Bots, Automated services and Buying Followers.

    Instagram's terms of service are incredibly clear – do not use anything that automates, including using bot programs to comment as you, or automatic posting services, period. (To confirm, Instagram schedulers sends you a reminder to post and DOES NOT risk your account in anyway. hootsuite is the same. )

    Also bots might be going too aggressive with the amount of photos it likes, comments and how many people follow and unfollow. If you have bots running - you should for sure shuffle up the activities. Depending on the age of your account, your limits may be differnt but in most caess you should not exceed 150 likes , 60 comments and 60 follows / unfollows per hour.

    Comments should be kept as low as possible

    How would they know?

    One minute your device is getting picked up in Los Angeles (where the IP address is of the automation service that you use is), then next minute you’re using your phone in Chicago with another IP address. This straight away raises red flags and looks suspicious. Where possible try to use IG only from your VPS

    2. Using the same hashtags for months on end.

    It has been discovered that for some users that have been given a shadowban, if you’re continuously using the same hashtags for extended periods of time Instagram might think you’re being a little spammy. Its always recommend to keep your hashtags fresh and change your tags up

    3. Surges of activity.

    If you suddenly go on a follow (or un-follow) spree, or like a whole bunch of images all at once – we’re keeping an eye out but this could potentially cause a trigger. I don't know the exact value...

    4.Broken Hashtags’

    Sometimes Instagram cracks down on some of the content shared inside a hashtag, for example something as innocent as #petite could might be overrun with posts that are very NSFW! Instagram have started being more aware of R18 material, so if you’ve using a hashtag that has been overrun with these types of posts – you might find your whole post might be affected.

    How do you know if you’re using a broken tag?
    If you click on this hashtag, there is no ‘top posts’ section, and you won’t be able to scroll passed the first page of images – you’ll find it has been limited.Sometimes there’s even a message at the bottom that states the tag has been limited due to abuse.If you remove this broken hashtag from your set, you might see an instant lift of the hashtag problem.

    5. Your account is continually being reported. Reporting accounts is the quickest way to get IG attention and warm them of an account that is violating the terms of service or the community guidelines.

    Some tips to lift SB

    1. Take a break for 24/48 hours then engage abide by instagram limits

    Take a break from posting . Some users have reported this break give the account some time to reset. After 2 days you can begin engaging with your audience again. When you do that verify that SB has been lifted by checking with another user.

    2. Report the problem to instagram.

    IG is usually hard to get but if you report your problem it might be worth a shot from the IG app. Select "something isn't working" and type a short message about what you are p. Don't say that your posts are being categorized in the hashtags you used. Repeat that several times a day.... some users reported that it actually allowed them to lift SB faster.

    3. if you are a business account, switch back to personal, if you are a personal account switch back to business. Again - this trick allowed some users to recover the ban faster

    4. Purchase an IG add, if you are a paying customer chances are you are not a spammer so IG usually tries to server those people first...it helps !

    This is some of the information i was able to gather, again please share what you might know so BHW community can try to avoid getting SB


    Magic Kaban
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