EASY Way To Make Money For People Starting Out


Feb 20, 2015

Hi There! I've done an insane amount of learning here at Black Hat World and it's finally time for me to begin giving back to the community. I want to thank everyone that has made my experience here so wonderful thus far!

My goal with this guide is to provide a fool proof method that internet marketers just starting out can use to make a substantial income online without any previous experience. With all of that being said, I bring you:

Making Money On Instagram

The Big Picture

In a nutshell, we're going to build up an Instagram following and then sell shout outs to smaller blogs looking to grow their followings. Shout outs are a promotion method in which one blog shows their followers another blog. This gives the blog being "shouted out" exposure.

How much money can we make from this method?

As always, it depends on a number of factors. Those factors include:

  • The number of followers your blog has
  • The number of blogs you run
  • The amount you charge per shout out
  • The number of people you can get to pay you to shout you out

I know that answer isn't going to satisfy the majority of you reading this so I'm going to give you a real life example: A buddy of mine has 325k followers and charges $95 per shout out. He gave out five shout outs today and made $475. If he stays consistent the rest of the month, he will make around $14,000.

This is where things get exciting: He owns another blog with 252k followers. He charges $85 per shout out there, and did four shout outs today, netting him an additional $340. If he stays consistent , he will make an additional $10,000 this month, adding up to $24,000 this month.

Still not excited? He charges $75 apiece for the next two blogs he owns. Between the two of them he did 10 shout outs today: $750. Let's pretend he can stay consistent with both of those and add another $22,500 to his initial $24,000.

If my point still hasn't hit home: He owns 18 blogs.

It takes A LOT of time to build up to those numbers. For now, let's focus on making one blog relatively big, relatively quickly, and have you earning $100 a day within the next two months.

Step One: Picking A Niche

You need to pick a niche or topic. You want your niche to be popular. An example would be "cars".

Step Two: Follow and Analyze

Follow all of the popular blogs in your niche. Spend an hour analyzing them: How often are they posting? What type of content gets the best reaction from their followers? We want to mimic these successful blogs.

Step Three: Get Your Tools

Roll on over to the app store and snag SaveGram. SaveGram saves photos from Insta onto your camera roll. You can then upload these pictures to your account. While you're at it get on your computer and download 4kstogram. 4lstpgram is a program that allows you to type in an account username and rip their entire posting collection.

Step Four: Begin Posting

Content is king. Go through the top blogs in your niche and pick the very best 100 photos you can find. Really make these first 100 posts gold. Post the first ten immediately with three to four hash tags in each.

I recommend that you create an IG album in your phones photo section. This will save you a ton of time later on when you're posting

Step Five: Follow Blogs That Are Following Niche Related Blogs

Now that you have some content on your blog you're ready to get the ball rolling. You're going to want to choose one of the top blogs you're following (You do not want to use any pictures from this blog). Go into this blogs "Followers" list and begin following the people following them.

Why do you want to follow people following the blogs in your niche?

Quite simply, they have already expressed interest in your topic. If your blogs name is @Luxurycars and you follow somebody following the blog @Supercars, the person you just followed is way more likely to give your blog a look then if you started following people that are following @kimkardashian.

I've found that the IG follow limit is 50 people per hour so you're going to want to post a picture and follow 50 people every hour.

You want a 33% follow back ratio. This means that once you are following 6,000 people you should have about 2,000 followers. Anything over that is fantastic :)

Step Six: Unfollow Everybody You Just Followed

If you follow 50 people and post every hour for eight hours a day, you will hit the 6k following mark within fifteen days. Once you're there: unfollow everyone you just followed (continue following the popular blogs in your niche) Assuming you converted at 33% and you continue posting golden content, very few people will unfollow you.

Step Six: Buy Shout-Outs

This is where all of those blogs you're still following come into play.

At this point, your IG account should be starting to look like the shit. You're at around 100 posts (great content), you've got somewhere around 2000 followers and you're only following 50-100 blogs: It's time to invest some money into shout outs. You can do this by contacting Insta accounts through their business emails (Business emails will be in the account bio)

Just say something along the lines of:Hi There,

I'm interested in purchasing a shout out for my (niche) blog. What are your price-points?

I look forward to your reply,
Your name

If you just read step six and don't have the money to buy shout outs: Don't fret. I will be providing a free method at the end. That being said, buying shout outs is BY FAR the most effective way to build your Instagram account quickly.

Step Seven: Shout Outs For Shout Outs

The moment you hit 10k followers create a business email. ([email protected] works just fine)

Throw your email in your account's bio. Not many people are going to buy shout outs from you just yet, but now you have leverage to begin requesting shout outs for shouts. Aim for blogs that are within five thousand followers of you.

Step Eight: Twenty Thousand Strong

Congrats! You made it. You're ready to start selling shout outs. You can pour the money you earn from shout outs into purchasing more shout outs. Grow your following and charge more for shout outs, buy better shout outs, and let the snowball..... snowball.

The Free Method
There's going to be a portion of you that won't have the capital to buy shout outs. That's completely fine. The free ways going to take a lot more work, but we'll still have you at around 20,000 followers within two months.

You're going to want to set up a "Shout out" account. Pick a username that has the word "Shoutouts" in it. Examples include @SuperShoutouts and @BuildFollowerShoutouts. Start off by posting roughly ten high quality pictures.

Next, go online and download shout out pictures (you can find plenty on Google)

Once that is handled, follow as many people as possible. You're going to want to build up a following on your shout out account. After you build a decent sized following (500 or thereabouts) begin posting the shout out pictures with captions that say "Read Below For A Free Shout Out". In the comments write something the effect of "Follow (your main blog) and comment FINISHED on its most recent post". This makes it incredibly easy for you to find the people that you need to shout out at the end of the day.

You need to be hash-tagging on these posts. Post many hashtags related to shout outs and your main blogs topic.

Now, towards the end of the day post a couple of shout out pictures linking all of the people that followed your new blog.

If you continue to do this for a month, your following will build on both blogs simultaneously, and in a way, you'll be able to replicate the shout out process.

As soon as you're making some money, transition out of this and begin purchasing shout outs.


So there you have it: my guide to making money with Instagram. I hope that some of you found it valuable. If anybody has any questions please ask and I'll do my best to answer. Also, if enough interest is shown I would be happy to upload a shout out picture pack :)

Thank for your share, honestly I didn't use IG before. Would it be ok if you could pm your skype, so i can ask you when i got trouble. I think it's a long road to go.
Hey, pretty nice method! I have a couple of questions. Do you try to maintain mostly good quality content on your large blogs and only shoutout every now and then? And do you just let people contact you for a shoutout?
Hey, pretty nice method! I have a couple of questions. Do you try to maintain mostly good quality content on your large blogs and only shoutout every now and then? And do you just let people contact you for a shoutout?

Good question. In and around your shout outs you're going to want to continue posting great content. That being said, post as many shout outs as you can. A lot of blogs with 1 Mill+ followers ONLY post shout outs so it really just depends on your demand.

You can let people contact you or you can build a website and start contacting people who have already paid for shout outs. Really up to you
I have new account 1 week old 800 followers and 1300 following cars related niche getting 100 likes per photo. I want to grow fast but idk what I do. I'm growing it manually plz give me some guide.
Great share OP, if you don't mind, can you tell us what's your preferred method of finding other instagram accounts related to your niche for step 2? Do you find them through searching hashtags directly in instagram? Do you use software?
Great share OP, if you don't mind, can you tell us what's your preferred method of finding other instagram accounts related to your niche for step 2? Do you find them through searching hashtags directly in instagram? Do you use software?

Good question. Start by typing your niche in the search bar. Once you've found several you can look at who has tagged them for accounts they have bought shout outs from.

I'll search through hashtags if I'm looking for someone with a similar blog size to me for a S4S
Giveaway pages would work wonders for this type of ring.

Keep split-testing and you can achieve heights higher than mountains back East.
Thanks for the spoon fed method, i already started an instagram account about a week ago, and you gave me a few good ideas to use, thanks a lot!
This is an EXCELLENT guide and is very similar to what I did but with Twitter. The key here though, is don't give up. This process takes a LONG time and a lot of work. Although you may not see results in the beginning, the end result is worth it. Take advantage of the OP's post because it is goldmine.
Great guide OP. From my experience, I can make a lot more money using CPA or physical products related to my niche than shout outs.

However, if you can't find a way to monetize a huge account, s/o's is the way to go.
People do the same thing on vine with revines.

It's a method that definitely works, and it's usually people interested in your topic. Possibilities are numerous.
I am a bit skeptical about the numbers. Do you mind telling us where someone can find people who will pay $70 - $85 for shoutouts? Is there a marketplace or do you search manually?
I learn alot from your post
appreciate the effort and thank you

I will implement that on my 5 accounts
Im interested to know how you manage so many accounts at once. Are there tools to do this, as logging in and out of accounts could get a tad tedious
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