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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cpaaddict, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Ok Before u go slating me lol. i havnt tried this method yet but will do wihtin 48hrs r so.. it looks interesting and could work i guess.

    i got this info from dp

    In the past couple days, I have seen a few people talking about a method to
    make some easy money fast with ringtone CPA offers. The funny thing is I
    have been using this method for a little while now. I wanted to keep it a
    secret, but since some people are talking about it now, I will share it.(*note*
    I know for sure that i am not the only one doing this, so i take NO credit for
    coming up with this.)

    The method involves using music videos from popular artists and adding an
    offer for a free ringtone. here's what i do:

    1. Download a music video from a popular artist. it doesn't really matter who.
    there are so many artists in so many genres. r&b, rock, punk, dance, techno,
    classical, whatever you want. the opportunities are endless. just pick a
    popular artist and you're good to go.

    2. Using a video editing software, add your watermark to the video with your
    url for the affiliate offer with something like "Get This Ringtone For Free Now
    at www.youraffiliateurl.com"( i recommend using a redirect) i put a watermark
    at the beginning and end of the video. you can choose when you want it
    shown, but i find the start and end works the best for me.

    3. Re-upload the edited video to your YouTube account(i recommend having a
    few accounts;especially if you are uploading lots of videos.) Make the title
    something catchy, but use the artist's name and song title in the video title.
    Something like, "Blink 182-All The Small Things. This video cracks me up
    everytime!" Just be creative and catchy.

    4. Make the description of the video " Get This Ringtone For Free at
    http://youraffiliateurl.com" or something like to that effect.

    5. Make sure to tag your video appropriately. For the Blink 182 example, tags
    would be blink 182, all the small things, blink...etc etc. You get the picture.

    6. Go to other upload videos of the same video/artist as you've chosen and
    leave comments. This will get others to come see your vid.

    That's it. This is a very simple yet effective method that can make you some
    quick cash. It all depends on how many videos you upload and how many
    viewers you can get. I have had a videos make me $100+ in a day from one
    video. Just make sure you don't spam. Also, use multiple Youtube accounts
    will help keep you from getting flagged. If an account does get
    flagged/deleted, all your vids aren't just in one account.

    of course this is not just for youtube. use other vid sites to. no harm in trying .
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    This info has already been posted here, in several different forms. Here's just one of them.

    Thanks for the effort anyway.
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