Easy way to instantly increase revenue on all of your Amazon Associates sites

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    Amazon is king, but people do buy stuff at other merchants. No reason you can't drop your cookie for every merchant that your visitor might potentially purchase at.

    1. Google the generic version of your main keyword. If your keyword is "best electric shaver", Google "electric shaver" and take note of the merchants on the first page.
    2. Apply to all of these affiliate programs. Almost every major merchant has an affiliate program. Most e-com ones are auto-approve, too, which is nice. My favorite is anything run through ShareASale because these are 30-day cookies. But, Target has a 7-day cookie, which is pretty good, and even Walmart has a 3-day cookie, which is at least better than Amazon.
    3. We are going to be putting one link to each variant merchant on our homepage, just to drop the cookie. Chances are, you have a table on your homepage, and visitors to your homepage click almost every link in the table, right? They will click the variant link no matter if it goes to Amazon or some other merchant. You just have to include it.
    4. I don't like sacrificing an Amazon link with a replacement, so I tend to do something like "Link 1" to Amazon, then "Link 2" for the other merchant. If you have 10 products in your table and you have three other worthy variant affiliate programs aside from Amazon, three of your buying options will have the "Link 1" "Link 2" setup, so you will have 13 links in the table instead of 10. Your visitors might get slightly confused, but they will automatically assume you are just trying to be helpful, and they will still click each one. Aren't we heroes for giving them multiple buying options? Yes, we are.
    5. That's it.

    The effectiveness of this strategy varies based on the niche you're in. Some items are always purchased at Amazon, some are not. But, it works quite well for one of my sites and sends in a bit of extra revenue. Worth a shot.

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