Easy Targeted Traffic For A Clickbank Offer

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    This is a method to promote specifically AMR article marketing robot or some other article marketing clickbank program or whatever really.

    The traffic your sites will be getting is from UAW users.


    domains or subdomains


    uaw wordpress plugin

    setup a bunch of uaw autoblogs and advertise AMR on them. May want to have something big and flashy that says "UAW sucks AMR is better" or something like that, catch their attention before they click out.

    You're going to be getting traffic from UAW users constantly. People that have already shown that they have funds to spend on products related to article marketing and don't mind the $57 or $67 or whatever the price is.

    Maybe it's a crappy idea, I don't know and I'm not willing to put in the time to set it up but it could be a little pot of gold for somebody so I figured I would share it.

    Also if you do decide to go through with it make sure you have notepad++ and learn how to upload and download the mysql database files, it makes it much faster and easier to set these kinds of things up quickly because with the UAW plugin you have to select categories and a bunch of other crap, it's not just install it and you're done.