[Easy Script] New script to grow your LinkedIn profile to 500+!

The error messages you are seeing are not related to the script but Adblock (or a similar extension) blocking LinkedIn ads. As you can see in the log, the users are found and invitations sent!

Thank for your reply
is there a way to modify this script to be able to run it with some LinkedIn search filters being used?
Well, yes, if you know JS it is fairly easy to do; it is something I would like to do someday, maybe a JV with someone to develop a tool for this kind of things. Who knows, maybe someday!

Does this still work?
Yes! I use it to grow some accounts so I try to keep it updated.
The script works perfectly. It's not complicated and can save a lot of time. Thank you very much for this tool!
Also, LinkedIn is very good at detecting this kind of stuff. If you do this too much, they may flag your account and ban it.

So don't go with too much.
Is it possible to do the same but with a like button on homepage?

Insert a script on the home page and the script would scroll through your feed and hit like on X number of posts?
Updated Script

var all = document.getElementsByTagName("button");

for (var i=0, max=all.length; i < max; i++) {
    if(all[i].innerText == 'Connect'){
     // Do something with the element here
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