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    I've been working on this for a while now. Everyone familiar with sharecash? If not, it's a simple website that pays you per download.
    I created something similar to it with my own twist.

    For people that are starting with Internet Marketing - Gain access to all WSO's, Tutorials, Internet Marketing programs for one small fee. No more paying / WSO, now you get them all.

    For Internet Marketers - Upload your WSO or any other digital product that you have and I'll pay you up to $3.99 / download. The more people download your product - the more you get paid. You don't have to do any work, simply upload it and forget about it.

    Other features:
    Stay connected with your customers with our Social network features. Add Friends, create blogs, articles, pages and more! Write reviews, communicate with the community and much more.

    What is your idea about all of this?
    Right now, first 100 marketers are free to join.
    Once we rich 500 users we going live. (should take about 1-2 weeks)

    url Money maker source dot com
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