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Easy money PPC Scam

Discussion in 'General PPC Discussion' started by florflor, May 11, 2009.

  1. florflor

    florflor Senior Member

    Mar 9, 2008
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    Here's a scam currently being shown on TV program Watchdog here in the UK. Personally I think it is totally unethical and duping idiots for their money - though some might say they deserve it.

    Basically the guy is bidding on the number 1 spot on Google searches for basic government information.

    e.g. child benefit information

    Actually, the guy they profiled doesn't seem to have his ads there anymore but someone else is also pulling the same scam!

    Check out his site:

    http://www.benefitshelpline.com/Child-Benefit~2.htm?keyword=child benefit information

    And then you have to call a number to get the info, its 0906 premium rate number charged at £1.50 per minute (about $2.25 per minute).

    Then when they call, the voice goes real slow and the real info is only given after about 17 minutes!!! :D

    To be fair though, I wonder what this guy's ROI is. It might not actually be that much because it really does take a dumbass to fall for his trick.

    To be fair to the guy in the example above, he quotes the cost right next to the number and says the info comes from the public domain. I don't think he's committing anything illegal.

    The scammer on the TV program used a regular local rate number (0871) but when you call it, it tells you to call the premium rate 0906 number. Slightly different strategy.

    You can also pull this scam on anything, for instance someone is doing it for a major search "passport renewal". You can see that the TV program is running a competing ad that says:
    "Don't pay for free info
    BBC Watchdog investigates
    Premium rate advice lines

    Anyway, this dude's ad leads to site http://www.britishpassportoffice.co.uk

    He even runs Adsense on his site for some dumb reason. But yet again a link to a premium rate line! :D

    In many ways, this is not a scam if the info is good. But keeping someone on the line for 17 minutes is too funny :D Mind you, some big companies do the same trick anyway!

    So anyone done this scam or tried it out?

    So would anyone try this? It is really
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  2. affiliate101tips

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    Dec 21, 2009
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    Internet Marketer
    that was a great idea they came up with wonder how much they made