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    Hey guys,

    Here's a clever way to make some quick and easy money from surveys.

    If any of you are getting into the final years of a degree (UK) or whatever they have in the country you live, I'm sure you get tons of emails asking you to fill in surveys to "help" with someones dissertation, project etc. Now, these are easy to get emailed by administrators and secretaries. In effect, what you have is extremely targeted, opt-in emails with a 100% inbox rate if you can get them to send your email.

    Here's what to do:

    1) Find a relevant survey/offer that could be considered relevant and make up a project title for it. (e.g. My research project on video games - send them a video games survey). There are tons of offers you could use, just think outside the box.

    2) Setup a redirect to your affiliate link (use whatever you like here, tinyurl will work fine and makes you look like a noob)

    3) Email as many course administrators as you can (obviously you don't have to be yourself, find the name of someone at that college/uni on facebook and make up an email address for them). It's usually really easy to find the email addresses of course admins and they are more than happy to send a mass email to "help you"

    4) Ask them to forward it on to everyone they know to help you out

    5) Offering an incentive (book voucher or some rubbish) helps increase response rates

    6) Make it look legit and you will get responses

    In one day of gathering emails, I had over 1000 responses to my "project survey" from emailing course administrators at various universities. As long as you look legit and make it sound interesting to fill in then you'll be fine.

    I'm not going to disclose my niche/offer so think outside the box on that one. But this is an easy way to get targeted, opt in emails to an offer of your choice.

    Enjoy :)
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    Pardon me for bringing this up, but I got here after several threads from succesful people who advise to follow succesful people's posts lol :)

    Anyways - Where do you get a free book voucher from? Wouldn't it be profitable to say you will divide 50 book vouchers between all who participated, but instead mail them all saying they've won, and refer them to a CPA offer concerning getting free vouchers.

    Interesting method as I'm currently attending uni, but I don't want to blow my 'cover' lol
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    Wow, you're a genius meathead. How do you come up with all of these ideas?