[++Easy Job - Paying 10$!++]I Need Someone Who Knows How To Do This in FB Tabpress!

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Hi guys.

    so this is what I need:

    I am new into facebook tab press and I want your help. I will pay u

    Can any1 plz tell me how can I get this?
    so.. u click here:

    and u get.. THIS:

    Can any1 plz tell me how to get this^^ share window in tabpress? -> after u share the link, you can play angry birds.

    so here's how I want it to function:

    1.u like the page -> than u can play angry birds
    2.when u click on play angry birds it has this "share" window which I screenshooted above^ and then when u share the link - than it redirects you to angry birds link (page) which I will provide u - BUT IT HAS TO BE INSIDE THE TABPRESS - NO OPEN NEW TAB OR NEW WINDOW - IT HAS TO BE INSIDE TABPRESS ON THE PAGE -

    - how can I get this thing -? I will give a few $ bonus to someone smart and helpful who helps me get this thing working .. -

    I am very thankful to any1 who explain this to me! Thanks!! :)

    I can provide you with this fan page so u can go and see it yourself, just send me a PM.

    u can also contact me via Skype :