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    I generally don't like to share methods on here, as they get saturated. But since this is not my niche and I don't know how to send bulk e-mail without an opt in list, I thought I'd share a method I thought of the other day.

    Clickbank and other affiliate sites have a lot of products dealing with Gold, Forex, and how to make money on the stock market. The nice thing is it is easy to find e-mail traffic for these products. What you do is go over to Google Finance. Click on the links that show you individual stocks. Now scroll down and there will be discussion threads on the right hand side.

    Within those discussion threads are individuals discussing the day's stock movements. Well Google allows you to see the individual e-mail address of each person in the discussion thread by clicking on their profile. Either by outsourcing or doing it yourself, you can jump from stock to stock and gather as many e-mail addresses as you want.

    With a good sales letter or "insider tip" you can e-mail your list and point them to your affiliate product. Hell you could probably e-mail them anything you want. I came up with this idea while reading gold related stock discussions and thought this would be the ideal market for those FOREX products listed on Clickbank.

    If I knew how to bulk e-mail I'd have done it myself, but I figure there are plenty of individuals on here who could use the tip.

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    A application to automaticly grab these emails would be a great idea for the programmers out there reading! :) Thanks for sharing! :)