Easy GPlaces Google Plus money!!! Amaze your clients at every pitch visit!

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    This is not going to be a pretty post, just a list. Just a warning.

    1. Use google app for gplus on your smartphone or igoogle widget on your laptop and hit all of the wifi spots in town to build a comprehensive database -by adding to a circle, all of the users you can find in your area by "searching nearby". (if you live in a large city with broad support for the business, you can set up reverse IPs at various hosting throughout town also)

    2. make a separate circle of all of the users that "check in" at places that you plan to target for Gplaces services(one circle per place).

    3. Put all of the names of the people who checked in into a spreadsheet also by place of visit.

    4. Let your clients know that you already have a list of previous avid customers of theirs that have not yet left a review for them, but that you can run an incentive campaign for fresh reviews, you can also continue to track this information, and sell it to them, or maintain it on a monthly basis.

    5. Let them also know that you have a social network of #### local google users (do not elaborate beyond that) that you can contact on their behalf through social media.

    6. Let them know that you can expand on this through a Gplaces setup with a google offer.

    7. Xtra. You can also run coupons from your own GPlaces page on their behalf (it helps to already be listed as a marketing agent locally). This is also a great way to promote yourself in the process.

    I know this might sound like some smatterings of info with lots left out, but if you are familiar with these tools and systems, it will all fit together, and tons of twist will come to mind.

    Everyone gets "the GPlaces-reputation management call" nowadays. Be the first to show up at their door with the hottest leads FOR THEM, and easy ways to convert them into avid reviews (even without selling them a GP package)
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