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Hey, just wanted to say that I had ordered Package 1 on the 26th of Nov and it was completed on the 30th. Excellent turnaround time! Great communication and prompt attention to my questions and a couple of changes to the regular package that I asked for. I have had 6 different test sites built for me by 6 different vendors and this one has been the best so far. Thanks again.


Ordered one niche site as a test run along with some special requests, doing business with Vaspar is great, he always try's to answer your questions and messages as soon as he can. The provided work was very good and the quality of the articles was top notch as well. If you are looking to build a solid income with micro niche sites you can't go wrong with his service. The part I liked the most about his service is, he is trying to find you a keyword and niche you can build a brand-able authority site around. So after Vaspar finished his job you are always able to add up additional articles, do some seo and watch your earnings increase.


I did not use the full service, but I did order keywords because I plan on doing my sites on my own. To start, he was very responsive, positive and seemed happy to work with my demands/parameters. He answered my questions quickly as well. So customer service has been 10/10. I really like the keywords I got. They have great volume, high cpc (some $6+) and are topics to build an authority site around. I know with some hard work they can really be earners. I would definitely use this service, or others OP would provide.

Very happy with the service, I ordered a site and was delivered quickly and everything he promised, very helpful, he helped me with some questions I had. Recommended!

Received my second site today.
Great work, Great template!
Thanks :)

Great Work

Order Placed


Awesome service the hole process done with in 2 days
I am Happy


Did a Very Good Job all sites delivered within quoted time frame and all look good articles are great.

My review of this service

I purchased the 1+1 website package from Vaspar and for the price he did amazing job. Communication with him was really smooth as he was present both on Skype and on e-mail.

Strongest point of his service is the keyword research, I believe. He provided me with two keywords, where EMDs on .com or .net were available. Here are the parametres:
Keyword #2
Avg. monthly searches 9,900
Competition Low
cpc: $2.83

Keyword #2
Avg. monthly searches 4,400
Competition Low
cpc: $13.93

The second one was a bit crappy, but I understand that everyone has different taste. it took me 1 hour of design tuning and now it looks exactly as I want to. Vaspar also installed several plugins, including AdSense containers. For people who have 0 web development knowledge this can be useful.

Vaspar also delivered the backlinks as specified. On one of my websites I already see 1-3 visitors per day (after 1 week of being indexed) from Google, Yahoo or Bing. Now I rented some PBN links to see how it performs.

For this price, I think you get a good value. If I can rank my websites, I will probably be back for another purchase.

he delivered the site i ordered on time. I love the design and the articles really unique and easy to understand. the theme and plug in he used also nice. i will show my earning report, i just need sometimes to do some works on ranking my new sites. he is friendly we keep in touch till i got my site done. He did very good jobs, highly recommended.

I received my 2 sites yesterday (1+1 for $30). I had a choice to choose 2 from several keywords, cool right? The sites were delivered in 6 days. They look nice, articles and plugins are fine, logos - good. Finally - for $30 you have 2 good looking sites with 8 articles in total with high monthly searches (1st keyword - 2500+, second - 5000+), high CPC (over $2), low competition. Good job, Vaspar! :clap2:

Just giving an update, purchased about a 1.5 weeks ago. Sites and keywords were nice and on point. Articles seem to be on niche keyword and well written good articlies. Sites been up for rougly 3 days now and waiting on getting ranked. Have added adsense ads and looking to get more input as was to do next. im on skype as clasick13 for any help with my sites as well.

Contact was decent thru email, prefer skype :) with buyer. US buyer looking to get ranked in google with the 1+1 deal. will update again if gets ranked:) First time adsense and IM newbie so bare with me. Thanks again Vaspar

Delivered as promised. Quality of sites was good for this type of product and at the price offered.

just a short note regarding keywords, Vaspar delivered them really quickly. Looking forward to see my sites up and running:)

Received my sites todady.

I'll have to wait to talk about earnings, but what I really like about Vaspar service is that thanks to the keywords he gave me, this sites have the potential to go from MNS to Authority sites and the comunication with him was great.

Definetly will be doing business with him for a long time.


Bought the A package from vaspar few days ago. Excellent job, professional. I will go for the third package in a few days as I'm very happy with his work. Excellent after sales service as well. I definitely sugest this guy.

Thanks for the awesome keywords and website :) looking forward to rankings now

Nice keywords and sites, looking forward to see how backlinks perform in ranking :)

nice service,good job :)

My Review :

~ 3+3 package ~

1. Fast Turnaround Time. ( i love it)
2. Nice KW, all CPC: $2+ ( i love these KW, i think these can ranked easily)
3. Search Vol: 1600 ~ 4400 ( i think its good for micro niche site)
4. articles , i think they are fine.
5. Themes are simple , easy reading.

thanks for your service.

Just placed my order with OP about 2 hours ago. Instantly gave me my keywords with $2+ CPC, great search volumes as well! Really impressed so far and cannot wait to see the end result.

Really good keyword, fast turnaround. Very good overall service, will definitely be buying again. Thanks!

hello, i bought the A package from this seller and he has built my site very nice! i like the website, the colors. He setup all the wordpress theme, even and ads plugins.

also i have asked to him a few tips about ads and he answer me very quick.

i recommend this seller.

So now he got my websites done ... it took more time but i got a return for the time wasted...
Posts and logos are good and that is what i payd for ... everything else is up to me to do ;)
Good job (Y)

I been working with him making mns continously.

I like his work and thanks for the quick support.

Keep up the good work!


Received my sites today (purchased 1+1 for $30) and they're great! I Received my keywords very quickly and the sites were delivered on time. Very good Product for the price and ease.

Vaspar was very good to me. He doing professionally and assist me when needed. His keywords satisfied me. Big vouch for him :)

Just delivered. I would say it's good quality for the money. 30$ for 2 sites. Cheers OP :)

Quick Review (i Should have posted this quite earlier) Anyways, better late than never :)

Keywords : 10/10 One of The Keywords he selected for me has CPC of around $6
Monthly Searches : 1500+ as Promised.
Articles : 4x Per Site (Its beyond me how he manged to get those with such price.)
TAT : Delayed the Delivery, but then again i wasn't in a hurry. So thats fine with me.
Theme + Plugin : Pretty Decent.
Pages : Contact Us and Privacy Policy

Overall its such a worth purchase. I would definitely buy from him again. The only thing i need to do on these sites is Offsite SEO, i am already working on it, will update if i am able to rank them well.

My Only Regret is that i am unable to buy the 10+10 Package due to money restraints :p

I'm here to leave a 100% honest review (check my post history I don't hold back with reviews). I ordered three sites a few weeks ago as a test to see what they would turn out like, I was very happy with the theme, content and the logo but needed a couple of changes so had to ask @Vaspar to help with them, I contacted back within no time at all and the changes were made. On top of this I asked OP to continue to make changes and he did and not ONCE did he complain (like many sellers do after they take your money). Overall I am VERY happy with this service and currently have three sites to rank up, I'm going to be ordering three more sites within the next couple of months, that's how happy I am with the service.

Purchase Review:

I purchased 2 sites for $30 (Thanks for the discount OP).
He sent me the keywords on 2nd day After purchase.
After finalizing the keywords I purchased the domain and he started working on the site.
Delivery is 1 day late (Not a big issue for me, getting a quality site is important).

About Keywords:
One of the best things is seller provided me with lots of keyword options to choose from.
I finalized two keywords that I'm familiar with.
  1. Monthly Searches: 23K+, Cpc: $2+
  2. Monthly Searches: 16k+, Cpc: $2+
About Site:
  • The site is well-designed.
  • Used fast-loading theme.
  • All required plugins are installed including the ads plugin.
  • Required pages are present (Contact, Privacy policy).
About Articles:
  • 4 Articles for each site.
  • Word count is an average of 500 per post.
  • Keywords are properly included.


Best service. The seller provided well reserched and Quality niche site at a low price.
Looking forward to future purchases.

Happy New Year Discount Offer Buy One Get Two Free ..

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Packages Detail :

A :

1 Micro Niche Site + 2 Micro Niche Site Free

Domain availability check for the main keyword

Attractive Logo
Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins
4 500-word Unique and Quality able Articles
50 Backlinks For Each Site
$2-$6 CPC
Total 3 Micro Niche Sites
Keyword with 1500+ exact global search volume
$2+ CPC


B :

3 Micro Niche Sites + 6 Micro Niche Sites Free

Domain availability check for the main keyword

Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins
Attractive Logo
4 500-word Unique and Quality able Articles for each site
50 Backlinks For Each Site
$2- $6 CPC
Keyword with 1500+ exact global search volume
Total 9 Micro Niche Sites
Total 36 Unique Articles
Total : 300 Backlinks



5 Micro Niche + 10 Micro Niche Sites Free

Domain availability check for the main keyword

Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins
Attractive Logo
4 Unique and Quality able Articles for each site
50 Backlinks For Each Site
Keywords with 1500+ exact global search volume
$2-$6 CPC
Total 50 Micro Niche Sites
Total 60 Unique Articles
Total 500 Backlinks



10 Micro Niche + 20 Micro Niche Sites Free

Domain availability check for the main keyword

Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins
Attractive Logo
4 Unique and Quality able Articles for each site
50 Backlinks For Each Site
$2- $6 CPC
Keywords with 1500+ exact global search volume
Total 30 Micro Niche Sites
Total 120 Unique Articles
Total 1000 Backlinks


Contact me anytime via PM or through email

My Email:
[email protected]
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