Easy $10 for 2 minutes of work. Must have Ebay Partner Account

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    May 22, 2011
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    I'll pay someone $10 via Paypal right now to let me use their Ebay Application Id for 2 minutes. I'm testing a new plugin, and unfortunately I don't have an Ebay Partner Account.

    It's 100% WHITE HAT.

    So, here's the instructions to grab the Application ID:

    1.Go to ?My Account? and click on Generate Productions Keys.

    2. You will be given an Application ID ? that's what I need.

    I literally only need to test it for one or two minutes for a new plugin. I'll even send you a link to the page with the plugin for proof. All it's going to be doing is using that application key to call to ebay's servers, retrieve a specific item, and then create a pop-up overview everytime someone hovers over a link. Really simple stuff, and I would really appreciate your help.

    Will pay $10 instantly after i've tested it. Again, Should only take a few moments

    PM me here, or send me a message on skype at: Stphnwynglbrt

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