Easy $10, expires April 1st.

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    You need to have an android/iOS device and any email.

    Sign up to treats by clinkle. It is an app that is linked to a prepaid debit card. You can use any email, but a .edu email will get you in quicker. You sign up by downloading their App.

    Input a referral code, mine is URNA532. You will immediately receive $10 in your treats account balance. You can wait for the debit card to get to you from the mail (takes about a week) or you can transfer it to your bank account right away.

    If you use a regular email and get put on the waitlist, just email them and say you want to use their service. You will get off the waitlist, and then have access to the app. Once you gain access, put in the referral code to receive your free $10.

    Refer as many people as you can until April 1, and get $10 for everyone you refer.
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    nice b8 m8 its gr8 i r8 8/8 , no h8!