Easily Scale and Become a Sticker King with Bathroom Stalls [NEW SKILL ENCLOSED]

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    As everyone now knows, the future of the digital world is reverse engineering efforts by implementing cross analytical research to easily eat at vulnerabilities allowing methods to be split across the digital frontier to the offline world.

    Don't ever limit your brain so easily to thinking only the offline world is the future as per the below example.

    Phone sex hotline was the dawn only due to viral media marketing of newspapers with perverted messaging.

    It can take something as stupid as kids on the school bus prank calling a horny idiot behind a screen with a female voice actually talking to a kid (18+ of course) who failed so hard at school he decided to utilize his mothers newly invented cell phone to lick away at a joke made in front of his friends only to realize his phone bill jacked a 59 dollar surcharge for membership subscriptions.

    Here is a twist to the dawn of the Phone Sex Hotline age peeking through a good alternative twist as well as listing the funds entail viewpoint.

    You have 2 options...

    Tale a sharpie and wrote your phone sex hotline number like the good old days and write on anything people glare at such as a stall at a mall people go to on a continuous basis.

    You know what's funny about this???

    Their pants are already pulled down waiting for something do :p.

    The reality of this method is it is that dumb and simple, in fact it could still potentially work the way described. The thing is bringing this bad boy method to the next level. Don't ever limit yourself to just a stupid idea, build it up like crazy and multiply your earnings.

    The second option is even smarter, but has drastic impact on the modern world.

    Take a low adhesive sticker from a bulk order and place it into a printer with laser jet functionality. These cost about 100 bucks for a printer and like 10 per 120 pack of stickers. Get ink costing 30 USD a few dozen loads worth and easily get in line with new standards of promotion found below:

    You may be thinking of simply putting just your logo on there, but the just is that could be option 2, but to save valuable space and time you just have to think even more critical.

    Add both a url hyperlinked on there with an additional QR code functionality.

    Rely on using an advanced thing built up starting with a simple idea as crazy as a back in the day trick optimized for today and see below on how it can turn out!

    Keep placing the stickers all over every single possible bathroom and you have an extremely simple, yet effective method of mass promotion.

    Don't ever rely on one particular world to enact an extremely lethal method.
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    I think this idea will work for something that I plan on launching soon. However, where are you finding those prices for that many stickers?
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    thanks op for the method. I think would be a great idea , destign the qr code and include a link to a xxxcam website with "x" free (fake) minutes of webcamming...

    There is a website where is someone wants see the sex show, they must do a prepaid in bitcoin... and you will get the money instantly.
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    This is really nice. I was thinking something like this before but haven't thought of adding QR.
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    Nice method lmao
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    Seems it could work for some unique outcomes. To peak curiosity for general niches I imagine simple stickers that have a brief phrase or word followed by the url and QR Code could be effective. Such as:

    Have you seen?
    Can You Believe?
    What Is?
    See It ...
    Experience It

    And it might be even more intriguing if it was just the url and QR Code.