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Easiest way to make money!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ceosammassey, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Sep 28, 2011
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    I'm so so surprised that many internet businesses overlook this EASY way of making money online, and that is RESELLING products that are already good and exist! Look I'll be the first to tell you (because I'm an expert in SEO and Internet Marketing) you CAN'T try to dominate EVERY market! BUT. That doesn't mean you can't MAKE MONEY in that market. ;) That's where reselling comes in. I've personally resold thousands of products because I'm great at outranking sites on Google and sticking out solid #1 rankings for many different websites. It's so easy I just look at their product and their price

    For example: Weight loss product- Selling Price- $9.99

    What I do: Sell same weight loss product on my site: My Selling price: $29.99

    However, I throw in some valuable weight loss tips and a free ebook so their getting more value with their purchase. Then I start a site with the exact match domain keyword twice ;) * My secret SEO sauce for example- instead of weightloss.com I register weightlossandweightlosstips.com therefore I have the exact domain keyword TWICE in my site, then within 2 weeks I'm ranking #1 for the keyword and making all the money! I've done this for many different sites and I'm making around $5000 a month from 2 of these different sites. You gotta think out of the box to make out of the box money. I also provide guaranteed top 10 google rankings packages if you guys are interested. To your success in internet marketing!

    CEO Sam Massey
    www . internetmarketingexpertcoachconsultant . com Quality website, Quality services!
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