Easier way to make nicer eBooks

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    This has to be one of the easiest ways to make good looking eBooks. Most of you know basic web development and can easily setup websites, landing pages and WordPress installs. Next time you want to create a good looking eBook create a site for it first. Grab a free template or WordPress theme thats clean and has room for your copy. Then once you have your page created you can go install the FireFox addon PDF Download and convert the page to PDF.

    I recommend keeping the design simple and clean, if you want to get more advanced that's fine but there might be some CSS tweaks you'll need to make and etc. That addon is available for both FF and IE, if one is rendering weird on a complicated design then you can try the other. The whole point is being able to write your eBooks in DreamWeaver or WordPress... I love it.

    PS: If you're not already using FireFox profiles you need to start.
    Google: "firefox 3 profiles"

    If you're running a Mac download "MultiFirefox"
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    Excellent Tip!

    Many of the other CMS's have this functionality as well... Some will even do it directly (I think I remember a Jooma for this).

    You could even take this a little farther and build YouTubes from the PDF elements as well. There are some systems out there that do this in an automated way. Creating yet another pathway of delivery.