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    when you do post in the blogs and forums you want to provide a lot of value. In fact you want to start by posting a few things without links just provide value, give some
    advice, answer questions, give, give your own point of view, but visited a little bit and just become part of the community, but you don't have to go overboard with this.
    Just a few comments to show that you have value to add, and then also when you post your links make sure that you're giving some kind of value in your comment.
    Your answering a question, you're providing some insight, provide value because that's what blog and forum owners are looking for in comments, people who provide value and
    if you do a good job then they let you add your link as well.

    Third you want to provide value and your lens as well. So, just make sure your lens has quality content that the blog owner or the forum owner if they click on your link and they
    look at it they say, "Oh, wow. This is good stuff it will help my readers".

    So you want to make sure you've got all that to maximize the potential of every single high traffic forum and blog that you're going to get a link from. Now, just one last comment there are always be a blog or a forum, and for some niches more than other that just don't allow you to post your links and will remove your comments, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    Just make sure you do your best by following the guidelines that I just gave you and then after that just don't worry about it. If you follow these rules most forums and blogs will
    accept your comments.

    Somewhat, don't worry about them too much. Just pay attention to the ones that will accept your comments, but again, follow these rules. It is very important. All right. Let's
    get you some traffic. Let's get to it. I'll see you in my next post