Earned 500$ dollars first day on ebay! whats next? :)


Feb 9, 2014
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Hello BHW! i started selling some items on ebay and i earned 500$ and they have limited me? :).

i heard about some stealth account, would love to hear more is there a stealth account tread somewhere? :) thanks.

im glad that i found BHW!
This is very broad question though,

Who limited you, ebay or paypal?
Were you selling counterfeits?
Was this account under your name?
They always limit new account both ebay and PayPal you can sometimes request the limit to be lifted by your seller dashboard but they usually require phone verification and an actual verbal one on one chat before they do. Otherwise, congrats on the sales!
Its Ebay there limited my selling limits! :) but if i bought a stealth account and sold for 2500$ dollars there, could i ship it to my real paypal with no problem? as a gift?
I would take it slow, my first ebay selling experience featured very high priced cell phones which quickly lead to me reaching my limit. I waited for a few months (seems like a long time but it isn't) and I was able to get my selling limits raised to $10,000! Just make sure you ship the products out fast. Think about it if you were the buyer. Ebay says "estimated arrival date January 12th" if you ship it the same day it sells or the day after and ship it first class or priority mail it'll get there in under 3 days so you'll beat the estimated arrival date. If you were the buyer and if you ordered on Monday and didn't expect to receive it until next Monday but you got it on Thursday or friday wouldn't you be pretty satisfied? Satisfied customers = positive feedback.
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Remove your limits and repeat the process.
Okay thanks for response! but i sel a item but the costumers dont get happy for it ;)
but its legal, so i was wondering could i buy a stealth account and list for 2000$ and just send the money to my real paypal? thanks!
btw paypal account is limited 3300 dollars but its fine for me ;)
If you're buyers aren't happy, you're going nowhere. Sorry to be so blunt.
Since when Paypal removed 21 Day money hold for new sellers?

It's not removed but if you send the products out fast and if they leave feedback as soon as they get it you have a lower chance of getting the money held.
i dont care about the 21 hold ;) i care about only 500$ a month :(
I may share my experience here :

I have sold for around 1000euros within a single day on ebay for my first time! Just find the right product, the right trend and the right price and you can geat real bucks! If people are not satisfied but the don't open an investigation on paypal you'll get your money.

Be reactive, adjust your listing with all the questions you get from customers feebacks and messages + be nice and polite.

If it working with a single account, then just multiply your accounts to multiply your gains.
let me guess. you're selling guides that people are mistaking for the actual item right?

the not happy but legal part is what gives it away. Plus ebay WILL ban you for it. it's under their selling practices terms
Regardless of what the OP thinks, a ban is incoming and he will be forced to issue refunds, i've been working professionally on eBay for years, i've handled 6 different businesses in the last 12 months and my personal account is 10 years old, believe me i've seen this before.
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