Earn @ uploadbox.com $20 Per 1000 Downloads! (Full Tutorial)

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    Earn @ uploadbox.com $20 Per 1000 Downloads! (Full Tutorial)

    Uploadbox pays you $20 for 1000 unique downloads received from USA/Europe. The admin says he pays for other countries for now but subject to change later. Especially Asia, no traffic earnings for Asia.

    So what do we target here? Post all our files in forums with more than 50% USA / EU traffic at a first stage. Avoid mainly Asian traffic forums since there is a risk of low payment.

    Okay, this is the porn scheme for making money at hxxp://uploadbox.com/en/

    The thing we have to do is create a megathread. A megathread consists of at least 10 vids per post and we make the thread popular by posting on it daily. The title has to be either unique like "bangbros" or "Naughty America." Or if you wanna go general, then choose a niche. The niche can be anything like amateur, teens, hardcore, softcore, anal, hairy blah blah (you get the drift). Among these AMATEURS and TEENS are the most popular niches that get huge amount of views per day. Other niches like bdsm, femdom, etc unique niches that are hard to get in all forums can be good too. Anyway after you have picked your niche making the title is the most important cuz you gotta capture the attention of the people viewing the forum.


    HOT! Suzie Carina in Action!!
    Damn! I Wish I Could Fuck Her!!
    Amateurs Hot and Updating Daily!
    Everything U Need! Red and Black and Sexy!
    LOTS and LOTS! of AMATEURS (10,000 and still going!)


    hairy pussy fuck, vagina
    suzie carina in action
    lots and lots of amatures (very hOT!)
    fuck the girl wit tieties

    Anyway, Exclamation points and Use Capital letters (not all) and catchy titles will get high views. After selecting the title, its time to start posting.
    Assuming you have sum good stuff uploaded! Make your first post (containing at least 10 vids) to the first 50-90 high traffic forum from my list. Just 1 Post with 10 vids. The first time is gonna take time as you need to register and get used to the forum. After that 50-90 forums will take at max 20 mins. Then wait for 12 hours, update ur thread in each of the porn forum. Make another post containing 10 Videos. That will bump your title up from the 2nd or 3rd page probably (high traffic forum) and increase your views.


    Don?t post after 1 hour or less, most forums consider this spamming. If you keep on
    spamming eventually they will eventually ban u.

    Post a pic/screenshot of each video (most users won't download without seeing a screenshot).

    Use imagevenue.com as your imagehost for screenshots since most sites allow them.

    Don't use usercash.com or linkbucks.com your links. Users sometimes don?t like them and avoid clicking it. You might be loosing 1cent just because you wanted to earn more $0.0002 (don?t get greedy!).

    ANOTHER NOTE : Use pornbb!! Pornbb is the best site for us traffic. Read their rules!! Read their rules!! Don't get banned! Once you get banned you will lost majority of your daily earnings. If you do get banned pm erratic or frostqueen. If your pm is disabled, use katzforum an contact erratic. If you don't still get any reply, then your screwed.

    After you have uploaded around 100-200 Videos might consider opening a blog and advertising that blog in your signature. As traffic on your blog increases so does your earnings. If you maintain daily megathreads in a lot of communities your blog views will increase steadily so don't worry.

    After some research you will know which forums will get you most of the downloads so after some time you can concentrate more on those forums. Start with 1 megathread. Then after you have posted like 50 posts, you can create another mega which you can update daily or just post random Videos by making regular threads. Regular threads will not get you much views but still you can make a lot of threads so your views will increase anyway. [ I found in another forum and affiliate links included have been removed.It seems a workable method.Thanks to the original author ]
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    20 bucks per 1000 downloads is what I am looking for dude! ^^will try it, but to understand it first.
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    -sorry just read the other thread about this- i withdraw my question:)
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