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    Hello Black Hat?s,

    some of my Clients want to start ASAP Email Campaign?s.

    The Clients comes from:

    - Germany
    - England
    - French
    - Italy

    Because they are outside from the States, I want outsource it.

    What?s to do?

    Each Campaign is for one Client. The Way is always the same. The Payment/Offer is for each Campaign. The Payment Method is always PayPal. I want to start ASAP with the German Client.
    1.) You have to grab each 1Mio .de/.com.uk/.fr/.it Mail-Address
    2.) You have to register a Domain on YOUR Name (I will tell you the Domain)
    3.) You have to order Space on your Company Name (watch Ping time and IP?s must be white list)
    4.) You send an Invoice to the Address of my Client. This Invoice is complete for all! (Grabbing/Domain/Server/Send Mails/Generate Leads) With this Invoice, my Clients buy the Leads from you!
    5.) The Campaign is absolute serious. No Viagra 
    6.) After Payment we get Access and load the Page on the Server. Landing Page and Content comes from us
    7.) You have each 30 days Time, to send 1 Mio Mails

    After 3 ? 6 month my Clients wants to buy the Domains back from you. They will pay you an extra fee over 50$/Domain! This will be extra Money for you.
    Please make me offers for this Service. If you need more Details, please PM me. Thanks?