Earn Money Helping People to Remove Their Debt

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    I recently came across quite an interesting opportunity and decided to share it here.

    Unfortunatley the product and service can only currently be used by UK residents as it is based upon UK law. But if you have the ability to market to "UK customers only" there is no reason you can not profit from this.

    The Website is http://www.ukwealthclub.com please have a look over the site.

    It is not an mlm as you only get commission on two levels ( personal sales and those of your personally reffered) but I do believe it is potentially very profitable.

    You get paid 100 Pounds for every personal paying customer that you reffer on the basic package, You receive 225 pounds if you sell a gold package and you receive 75 Pounds for every basic package sale generated from your personal refferals. I am not yet 100% sure what you get if a personally reffered member sells a gold package, I will update when I am sure.

    Have a look at the pdf here http://www.ukwealthclub.com/images/pdf/ukwcprospectus.pdf

    They have an effective product or service in debt removal that actually works.

    Given the Current financial situation in the UK this is a much needed product / Service/ Solution that is in high demand.

    Anyway have a look folks and if you have any interest you can call me on 08448842913. ( I will supply a landline number after we have spoken, not a good idea to put ones personal number online) you can also skype me above right.

    I am available from 09:30 AM to 23:00 PM UK.

    If you decide to speak to the company directly please tell them Pearse Sent you, Do not hesitate to call me for more information.
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