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    It's the moment to earn from your blog, i am sure to make more money in ShareASale Affiliate marketing compare to Adsense. In this thread I am going to share my ideas for effective blog earnings technique in simple way. Lot of us having passion in Blogging, but they don't know " How to make more money in simple way " If you have a Blog with decent traffic, you are eligible for this ShareASale Affiliate Marketing.

    I am also tired with blog monetize in common ways like Google Adsense, Direct Ads, Blog Services and Sponsored reviews. This all gives money, but it's not possible to run a life. So I take my blog to Affiliate marketing.

    Why I Suggest ShareASale ?

    Shareasale is also one of an affiliate program that gives more money to promote the registered products, there is a two ways to register in shareasale one is merchant and another one is affiliate marketer. There are lot of affiliate marketplaces such as clickbank, commission junction etc. But Shareasale has a very easy to interface and user-friendly. ShareAsale has a lot of products, choose any of the product and promote to affiliate marketing.

    There is some list of services and you can select it with depend upon your niche.

    1. Blogging : Hootsuite, StudioPress, WP Engine
    2. Technology: Alishell LLC
    3. Food and Fitness : Pregprep, World Genetics Nutrition
    4. Clothing and Fashion: Eczosplay, Mart of China
    5. Weddings: Ybridal and more
    6. Dating: Quality Blooms and Cards
    7. Book Publishing: Blurb.

    Complete Guide for Affiliate marketing in ShareASale

    1. Sign Up Affiliate in Shareasale.com

    2. Complete the registration by 5 step process. Use the mail id like ([email protected]), it's helps to approve the affiliate fastly compare to normal mail id.

    3. Confirm the account approval by placing the code between the <head> and </head>

    4. Finish the uncompleted task. (like verify accounts)

    5. It supports the money transfer to your bank account, so place the details correctly.

    6. The payment for single product is 50$ only, sometimes it's increase to 100$ and the payment is transferred to 20th of every month. You can also check the earnings daily.

    7. Start with Affiliate Network, Go to merchant sections and select the top merchant products and promote in your site.

    8. If you want to interest with promote your product, just signup with merchant section.

    9. You get the product link or banner, after approval from merchant.

    I give some ideas to improve your affiliate sales.

    1. Select the top product, it helps to reduce your work,

    2. Choose the highly related product with your niche blog, it does not affect your blog.

    3. Hide the poor link by Wordpress plugin like Gocodes or Pretty Link Lite.
    If the link looks like this:
    it affect the reputation of your blog, so it redirect with

    4. Clear the queries to your customers.

    5. You can also provide review for the product by guest post.


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    Really your suggestion will be great. I got solution by using ur theme. The affiliate sale is increased by using ur suggest. Thank u. Keep it up and do good.
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    Some great suggestion from you. Thanks for taking time to write.

    I recommend to 'Newbie' members.
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