e-whoring adult social networks instead of cam sites.

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    If you are having trouble making guys sign up for cam sites because of the heavy saturation of cam girls chatting up guys. Then simply try chatting with people on whatever profile you want, let your account mature for two weeks at least, the longer the better. Then tell them something like 'im getting too many rude messages from people here, do you wanna chat on <insert affiliate link here> instead?'

    Depending on if the messages you send are allowed to have html in them, you may want to cloak your link carefully. I use offto.net because i can add a nice title on the end of my aff link. rather than some random letters. If messages you send are allowed to have html then simply use an embed code.

    Plenty of guys will love to connect with you via email, so you can invite them through email, try not to mass email, just chat normally through email. You may be tempted to use free sign ups, thats some easy small cash, but the $130 per paid sign up maybe something to test out.

    But yeah, if you havent made a dime online, or not even $100, this will pretty much guarantee you that cash. Just gotta be dirty :p

    This isnt exactly a new idea. Just logic, market social networks to social networkers.

    This is how im going to monetize my 140+ contacts on one social network. (they all added me, not the other way round).

    Use this with myspace and friendblaster for some quick cash i spose, ive never e-whored on myspace.
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