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    Hey guy`s I received this e-mail earlier

    Dear Registrant,
    This notice is to inform you that we have received a Whois Problem Report System (WDPRS) complaint from ICANN in regard to 
    inaccurate whois contact data associated with your domain name(s):
    In accordance with ICANN policy, failure to maintain complete and accurate whois contact details may result in your registration 
    and/or other Service(s) being suspended or terminated or may not be renewed. 
    You are required to verify that the current contact data, as it appears in the public whois lookup, is both complete and accurate. 
    If any updates or changes are required, please make the necessary updates and confirm once completed.
    You MUST reply to this message within 15 days (per ICANN policy) in order to avoid the disabling of your domain name registration.
    Whois Agent
    eNom, Inc., a Demand Media company
    I have never received an e-mail like this, so what should I do now??
    My domain is registered at namecheap, I don`t now what connection is betwen namecheap and enom and why I received this e-mail.
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    forward the email to namecheap support and ask them if this letter is really from the company who claim it is