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E-Mail Marketing...I have a list, what should I send out?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by BlueOctober, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. BlueOctober

    BlueOctober Newbie

    Feb 7, 2015
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    I'm truly struggling with this.
    I managed to come across a very high quality e-mail list. Size is about 300K. Open rate is often 50%+ within 6 hours of send. Click rate can be 1-10% depending on what I send out.

    I'm just struggling to monetize it. It isn't exactly an opt-in list. The only thing in common is most are college-aged students (many are students but not all). So I've been sending out out some school books, sports tickets, and such. Overall I got over 2 grand worth of sales but with such low commission % on websites like ShareASale, I'm struggling with what I should send out.

    Does anybody have any ideas?
    I was thinking of opening my own store, of sorts, to sell some certain item or items only to the people I e-mail, that way my margins are much higher (I'll earn 20 or 30$ per $100 sale rather than $5-10). But I don't know what it should be.

    If somebody has something that they think will be a gold mine, please feel free to PM me, I would love to partner up I know for a fact my lists are high quality, and that I could also keep them coming in steadily. I have pretty good methods on reaching inbox (though new ones are always welcome).

  2. NutraCash

    NutraCash Regular Member Premium Member

    Nov 7, 2014
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    Have you considered sending muscle pills or male enhancement pills to them? We have some mailers that do great with them. PM me for more details.
  3. Maruenno

    Maruenno Newbie

    Dec 5, 2014
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    What emailing service you're using to inbox? VPS/IEM senders suck.