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    Hi Guys, I have about 800.000 emails from eCommerce site and I am looking the most safe way to monetize them. I cant sent emails directly because affiliate agency asks too many questions about how I get those mails.

    So I uploaded the hole think to fb as Custom Audience and I have 450.000 matches.

    There is an offer from a competitive site from the one I get these mails for email subscription which pays about 0.31 € per subsription. So I think that if 50% of all click and an other 50% of those who click the ad actually subscribe and the cpc is below 0.10 then I will pay 450.000/2 = 225000 * 0.10 = 22500.

    And I will earn 450.000/4 = 112500 *0.31 = 34875.

    Am I missing something here ? Anyone with some experience in Custom audience ?

    Also I can have even more targeted emails like who bought a video game last year or 30 days ago or a cell phone. I can hear more ideas how to monetize this list but always the safest way.

    Thank you a lot.
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