E-Commerce site with jewelry products - how to differentiate?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dpkhanna, Mar 21, 2014.

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    I was wondering if someone could advise me on my ecommerce website. I own a jewelry ecommerce site and i wanted to ask- what should i do for content wise (in regards to on page seo) for product pages. The niche is specific so i know i can rank.

    For example the only information i have on product pages are "Karat: XXX" "Diamond weight "XXX"

    They are fine and expensive jewelry like ​gemvara.com so there isnt much information to put except those details for the product.

    How should i on page seo? Even for the meta description, most of them have the same descriptions.

    I am so confused on that. I dont want to get screwed by google.
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    Kind of late, but it might help someone.

    My two cents:
    -schema microdata product markup
    -if you have many products, try categorizing them and create category pages instead of a page for every product
    -if you do go with product pages with thin content make sure you try to rank for only that product on that page. Your html markup must represent exactly what that page is about. For example put related products and other navigation stuff to completely separate <section>s or <aside>s or when building links, make sure that if you have a link to your product page, that link is from a text about that exact item and not something general. If it's general, try pointing it to your main page
    -also try to put higher accent on branding, in my oppinion when it comes to online shopping, branding and trust building are the most important factors