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    I've been pressuring a guy to quit smoking those cheap-ass ghetto "cigarillos"; the kind that poor people smoke because they cost less than half of what a standard-quality (marlboro, etc...) cigarette costs. They stink. He stinks. And I think they'll give you more cancers faster.

    To the extent that I've offered to pay for the Nico-derm patch, which has helped me in the past, although the last time I quit I succeeded going "cold turkey". And (and as aside), I think that's why I've stayed quit for almost 3 years. The previous times were too easy, and I didn't earn my "quitedness". But the last time it was white knuckles and an ugly determination to get there at any price. I EARNED this one, and I ain't giving it up.

    So anyways, Mr. Cigarillo doesn't want to quit. The stink of the ghetto sticks has destroy his ability to smell his own stink, so it bothers everyone BUT him. And I'm not real enthusiastic about dropping $40.00+ for 14 X 21 mg. name-brand Nicoderm Patches (because the generic ones are crap and fall off your skin at the 1st sign of sweat).

    BUT, if I could get Ghettoman into a hard-hitting shot of ice-cold nicotine, with the cool-breeze fog of exhaled odorlessness, maybe everything could get solved. He'd get his nicotine, which I think I've heard is not all that hazardous to your health, and I'd get rid of the stench of putrid flesh rotting at the bottom of an ashtray. (okay yeah, so that was inelegant and so what, you think you can do better than YOU try your hand at this stuff...)

    So what does an experienced and reformed smoker need to know about e-cigarettes?

    Is there a particular brand that's better than others, is there a better way to purchase the (what is it, I guess) "nicotine water"? Battery powered? Rechargeable batteries? Does Wal-Mart carry this? I haven't a clue about any of it. Any help appreciated, and the stench that you prevent could be the one I have to live with, so be kind, rewind, glove fit, acquit, GAH, fukkit, I'm out.