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Dynamic Scrapper Sites Rank Higher than Authority Sites

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by GreyKnight, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. GreyKnight

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    This recent development really bothers me.
    For a specific keyword, let's say its "stock news" the top#5 position of Google is dominated by local news site, and the #6 - #20 is dominated by authority blogs or smaller news site.
    All of the news site are authority sites, most of them dates back to 2005 - 2006. And we are talking about news site, or media sites, not just some blogs or some thin website. All of the website already got thousands of unique articles. Mine is usually running around position #6 - #10, and I already got hundreds of unique articles, unique videos, and a lot of social signals.

    A few days back, suddenly a new website props up in this keyword, ranking #1 for days, without moving. This website doesn't have any content, it just scrapes the article/news title from the authority sites (including my site also). It also somehow scrapes Google News. The website has very few links outside, all of the article/news title that this website scrap didn't give links back to the original article.

    A few facts :
    - This website use the EMD. Meaning that the domain name of the website is www.stocknews.com (just an example)
    - This website is started in 2007, and using article title scrapper each day, never goes to the first page, but suddenly he is on #1 now. I know this because I am monitoring my and my rival's movement each day for 4 years back, and his website never showed up.
    - This website just scrapes article/news title, but not scrape any content at all.
    - The website also scrapes Google News.
    - There are no massive link building for this website, the web only got around 4,000 backlinks, checked using ahrefs. No social signals also.

    So, my question will be :
    - Is EMD so strong now, that even web with crap content can beat authority website, just with EMD?
    - Or, this is just an example of the Google's foolish algorithm?
    - What can I do to beat this guy? My website (and my competitors) are all authority website, got a lot of unique content.
    - Or, this is just a Google Dance?