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Duplicate Ebay Site.But...100% FREE

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by xbon869x, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. xbon869x

    xbon869x Guest

    eBAY has grown to be the dominator and I guess the originator of online auctions.Now that they have such HUGE following,nobody can compete with them.But,as everybody refers to them here as feebay,there charges are now out of control but they are still on top.I guess because there number 1 is why there still in business even though alot of people left.

    Lets go back in the day when ebay first came out.It was fresh,it was new,and there advertising was fantastic and caught everybodys eye.They barely charged anything and it became a hit overnight.The whole package.

    Heres the thing though.It's about supply and demand.As demand rises a company can tripple there earnings overnight.This is increased fees,more entising offers that cost you more and so on.

    Heres what crossed my mind.There are alot of bright minds on here and skillfull people.Why not make an ebay site like it was when it first started.A STRAIGHT UP RIPOFF.Do advertising based around the 90's,like a flashback and have a early ebay site with no fees.Ebay never offered that.

    Heres how your going to make money from it.Not just having advertisers buy space from you,but advertise your CPA offers in rotation with your payed guys.You bank twice.

    All the guys involved with developing this get a cut of the pie and get to rotate there CPA's throughout the site as everbody else.Big time money.

    Everybody is trying to copy everybody or compete with then when just taking things the way they were before will make you bank.They do the same thing with movie remakes except everything is more advanced knowledge wise but str8 to the point.

    It can be done.
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  2. agkfal

    agkfal Regular Member

    Sep 19, 2008
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    I have an auction site clone similar to feebay..

    I just don't have the $200 to buy the legit script, and the $500 i need for extra modifications..(yes im poor and in dept)

    It will work if you have a good marketing team, and can get legit customers.

    Hell, Ill run the site, and Ill offer people to promote their rotating adds for free to market it and get traffic in exchange... maybe team of 5?
  3. saladfan19

    saladfan19 Newbie

    Jan 26, 2010
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    What would you name a site like this so feebay won't go after you? Also, does anyone recommend an auction script that would work for this idea? :confused: