Duplicate content?: Transfer content from several pages of a domain to one page.

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    Hey guys,

    quick quesstion: I want to transfer 30% of the content from xxx.com/yyyy/zzzz to xxx.com/yyyy.

    The page xxx.com/yyyy already has content but i want to add more from xxx.com/yyyy/zzz.

    So i would delete the copied content at xxx.com/yyyy/zzz after transfering.

    Does it have a negative effect on google? Might google see it as duplicate content even if i deleted it afterwards at xxx.com/yyyy/zzz?

    Thank you
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    You should be fine to move it like that, providing it ends up in one place, only. I suppose if you really wanted to play it safe, you should delete the content you want to copy (make sure it's copied somewhere), wait a week or so for google to crawl and see it's gone (check this by putting a few sentences from your deleted content in " " marks). If nothing shows, this means the content is no longer indexed or cached and (I believe) is free to be used again and will be treated as new. Having said that, just copying (then deleting the original) should be fine if it's going to be put back on the same domain.

    Hope that helps :)
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